Provincial elections: a former ADQ candidate for the PCQ in Charlesbourg



Former ADQ MP turned cabinet employee for the CAQ, Jean Domingue will face Minister Jonatan Julien in Charlesbourg under the banner of the Conservative Party of Quebec. 

His inauguration will take place on August 2, our Parliamentary Office has learned. As in several counties in the Quebec region, the PCQ comes second in the riding of Charlesbourg according to the Qc125 electoral projection site, 10 points behind the CAQ.  

Elected with the ADQ wave in 2007, Jean Domingue was defeated in the general election the following year. 

He then worked for CAQ MPs Sébastien Schneeberger, André Lamontagne and Jean-François Roberge between 2013 and 2018, in more work on the 2014 election campaign in the Quebec region. 

Once the CAQ was in power, Jean Domingue was political adviser to the office of the Minister of Education, notably responsible for the “Belles écoles” file, for a period of about six months. 

Disappointed with the CAQ

Joined by our Parliamentary Office, the former ADQ member claims to have been disappointed by the government of François Legault. “I have been through disappointments. I have seen the evolution of the CAQ,” he confides.

Ministers André Lamontagne and Jean-François Roberge, affirms he, have become “disconnected” from the reality of the citizens. 

In addition, Mr. Domingue deplores the fact that the Prime Minister's entourage is made up of many former PQ members. “What I quickly realized was that the CAQ is a bit like PQ 2.0,” he says.  

Involved against COVID -19

Perhaps more surprisingly, Jean Domingue works in a COVID-19 screening center via the I contribute platform. Some PCQ supporters, however, believe the pandemic is a conspiracy: a candidate was recently expelled after claiming that “Bill Gates and his clique of globalists” should “get shot”, while another, still in office, has compared the vaccine to rape. 

“The pandemic has isolated people who have sometimes experienced a lot of frustration,” says Jean Domingue. So sometimes it comes out in funny ways. We don't have to agree with the way it comes out, but there is a frustration that is showing up right now.  

He himself deplores that the government resorted to “extreme” measures due to poor organization. “If we had put on the mask earlier, when we know that it is mainly the droplets that contaminate us, we might not have reached this point today,” he says. 

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