Provincial elections: a marathon of candidacy announcements

Éprovincial elections: a marathon of candidacy announcements


With the elections approaching, the various political parties in Quebec have announced a batch of candidates over the past few days. 

The Coalition Avenir Québec has already announced 111 candidates. Of these, more than half are women. 

With 100 candidates, Québec solidaire is following closely. There are also more female candidates than male candidates.

For the Conservatives, 59 candidates were nominated, including 24 women. The leader of the party, Éric Duhaime, hopes to be represented in the 125 constituencies.

“We are very confident, there are still three months left before the elections. Things are going well,” he said. 

Among the Liberals, there are only 48 official candidates while among the PQ, the number is 44. < /p>

Further nominations will be confirmed over the coming weeks.