Provincial elections: “I can't wait to do battle with François Legault”, says Dominique Anglade

ÉProvincial elections: “I can’t wait to fight it out with François Legault», known as Dominique Anglade


Despite the 18% of voting intentions reported in the latest Léger poll, the leader of the Quebec Liberal Party, Dominique Anglade, assures us that her objective remains the same: to win the next election.

At the microphone of Yasmine Abdelfadel on QUB radio on Thursday, Ms. Anglade mentioned that she was convinced that Quebecers need to be united and not divided as François Legault did.

The politician believes that Quebec is not going in the right direction. She referred, among other things, to closed ERs and street deaths in Montreal.

“There are more than a million Quebecers who do not have a family doctor, whereas we were at 400,000 four years earlier. There are several things that indicate that we are not going in the right direction. I can't wait to do battle with François Legault when he reappears. We don't know where he is now. He hides and does not answer questions.”

Questioned as to why Quebecers do not hear the Liberal Party's findings, Ms. Anglade replies that the election campaign will be the perfect place to have discussions and debates.

She added in the same breath that 55% of people believe that François Legault is not going in the right direction and that 40% of citizens can change their minds during the election campaign.

“In politics, there are two important qualities, courage and perseverance. These are the ones we will put forward,” she said.

Perceived as a polite person in the survey, Ms. Anglade believes that people need to see someone capable to have a different leadership able to challenge Prime Minister Legault on fundamental issues.

An appointment that is causing a stir

The former journalist of Radio-Canada, Martine Biron, who should make the leap into the political arena, raises questions according to Ms. Anglade.

“Martine Biron had links with all political parties. It doesn't worry me, but it's the kind of thing that makes people more skeptical of politics and journalists.”