PSG dsasa of supernice for pufal Play League journal (video)

ПСЖ дізнався суперника по півфіналу Ліги чемпіонів (видео)

Joao Fels z sumomo spostarla for likuvannyam futbolistu “Leipzig”

Have Libon home aren football club “sporting” “estádio josé Alvalade” proykov other overtly Podenok Play League journal in any debutant Taco STD turnrow nimetskyy RB Leipzig sostres s elder Champions League madridski “Atleta”.

Team, that propofol RSN it Gris, podorvali telepatica nezabutniy performance in yakomu first violin all did grali futbolli Shane-Nemecko team.

VSI onown pod Buli rozhran in other Polovin sustr. In the 51st Guilin spanski Legionnaire “Leipzig” Dan Olmo nod head closing the CROs Marcel Satzer – 1:0.

Then the head coach, “Athletics” DGO Smeone proleague on the result, vipustili on the field the young druanna Joao Fella I Portugalete practical turning HD podenco.

Spochatku Joao “udinov young wine in nabiac postal jutra” SVO team. And potim I storev goal in the 71st Guilin. After a solo passage Fails trimas have answer codovi pass from Tho Bones I CCB of sbiti from the penalty of supernice marketplace.

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However, to translate “the plans” match wanting b to overtime zavadiv ricochet after blow of the American of the same age Fella – Tyler Adams on 88th Guilin – 2:1 I nozicka team put she her company “Par Saint-Germain” by pufal turnrow.

Dadamo scho sogodni budesa battle titans – “Barcelone” I “Babar”.