PSPP: King's Check

PSPP: King's Check


Do you know Frank Capra?

In the 1930s and 1940s, this filmmaker made a series of extremely popular political films: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Meet John Doe, State of the Union, etc.

These films starring James Stewart, Gary Cooper and Spencer Tracy depicted idealistic politicians who tried to fight against the prevailing cynicism by refusing to deny their principles.


When I look at Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, these days, I'm thinking about Capra's films.

The leader of the PQ has entered the National Assembly. The first action he is asked to take as a newly elected member is to take an oath not only to an institution he does not believe in, but to an institution he considers toxic and which he is fighting!

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon could imitate his Bloc and PQ predecessors and pretend.

Take an oath to the British monarchy by crossing his middle and index fingers behind his back.

But he refuses to lend himself to this pitiful masquerade out of respect for the Quebecers he will represent.

“Why would the first thing I do as a newly elected official be to lie? he asks. To deny my principles? To say the opposite of what I think? To perjure me? The people of Quebec deserve better than that…”

For some commentators, the leader of the PQ would behave like a spoiled child.

PSPP: King's Check

PSPP: King's Check

On the contrary, I find that behaves like a responsible adult, who refuses to treat Quebecers like children!

You know what I think of the British monarchy, he said. You know where I'm staying. It's no secret. Stop telling stories! By taking an oath to an institution that I do not respect and that I fight, I would be betraying both my principles and the principles of the citizens who elected me!

Quebecers deserve better than that. They deserve that the politicians they sent to the National Assembly treat them like adults and tell them the truth.

Instead of thinking one thing and doing the opposite…

Is it childish to say that?

On the contrary, it's anything but…

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< p>Some commentators criticize the PQ of PSPP whereas it is the CAQ that should be criticized!

Which party tells stories to Quebecers?

Which party says that it is possible to repatriate all powers over immigration and culture, for example, while knowing full well that this is not true and that it will never happen?

Which party prides itself on being nationalist when it has just put its fights for language and secularism on the line?

Which party makes promises that it knows cannot be fulfilled?

Which party continues to pretend?

Which party leader looks Quebecers in the eye while crossing his index and middle fingers behind his back?

Like the heroes of Capra's films, PSPP is betting on transparency and consistency.

It pledges allegiance to our intelligence.

It deserves our recognition.

PSPP: King's Check