PSPP votes in Camille-Laurin

PSPP vote in Camille-Laurin


The leader of the Parti Québécois voted in his riding of Camille-Laurin, saying that “the sky is very blue this morning”. In the name of democracy, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon wants voters to go to the polls en masse.

“We vote for democracy, to ensure that there is a government and oppositions that have different voices that are heard, in a national assembly that works for the best interests of Quebec,” said Paul St-Pierre. Plamondon, happy to have been able to vote as leader of the PQ. “It's a very nice day to vote (…) The sky is very blue this morning.” 

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    After casting his ballot in the ballot box, the PQ leader then headed to his riding office to motivate the troops who will help him get the vote out. 

    Tears in his eyes, he addressed to his activists and his family.  

    “Today, what we have left is to reach out to people and encourage them to vote” , said, emotional, the leader of the PQ. “Turnout is key to democracy.”