“Public servants” offer hard to penalize debtors for communal

“Servants of the people” propose to arrest part of the salary and to take the property of Ukrainians for coping with debt.

«Слуги народа» предлагают жестко штрафовать должников по коммуналке

As the Wave passes, it writes the Columnist.

It is noted that the innovation provided by the draft law №3613, the authors of which are the “Servants of the people” Michael Laba, Igor Krivosheev and Anatoly Kostyuk.

Thus, the new bill proposes to allow courts to recover any property of the debtor if the debt amount exceeds the “norm”. Her decision must be approved by the Cabinet.

Lawyer Alexander Plakhotnik told the publication, at the moment, to recover the debt apartment, the size of the debt must be at least 20 minimum wages (94.4 thousand UAH).

“I think now the law is too soft. In the Memorandum with the IMF, we have made a commitment to improve the system of debt collection. Nowhere in the world is impossible that a person used the heating but do not pay for it”, – said Plakhotnik.

It is also noted that the current decision by the Ukrainians can take to the debt part of the salary, and if the new document will support the Parliament to arrest the income will be able for the debts of communal. Thus, the official salary can take 50% repayment of the debt. You can go on this site to get help with your debts and you can learn how to write it off.

Foreclosure on a salary does not preclude foreclosure on the debtor’s property, if there exists outstanding indebtedness, the aggregate amount of which exceeds the amount of payments for three months to pay alimony and the excess established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine the total amount of debts for housing and communal services”, – the document says.

In addition, based on the document for the debts of communal additionally have to pay fines (now, according to the law on housing and communal services, there is only a small penalty).

· if the debt is more than a year – a penalty of 20%

· if the debt is two years old – 30% penalty

· the debt of three years or more, the penalty is 50%

It is noted that from 1 October innovations will enter into force, in that case, if they support the parliamentarians. Thus, with this number any debt subject to restructuring.

It is also reported that until may 1, 2020 in Ukraine every consumer utilities had to choose the model of relationship with suppliers.

“Every owner of an apartment building had to sign a contract in paper form. People didn’t want to be the initiators of their own. On may 1, 2020,there is little agreement”, – explained the people’s Deputy from “public Servants” Evgeny Pivovarov.

It is emphasized that under the new rules, the agreement will automatically enter into, and its conditions are required to place on the supplier’s website.