Published salary Zelenski, Bogdan and Deputy heads of President’s Office

In January 2020, the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received a salary of 28 thousand hryvnias.

Обнародована зарплата Зеленского, Богдана и заместителей главы Офиса президента

It is reported by the channel 24, citing data released by the State administration in response to the request of journalists.

It is also noted that a large amount was received by the former head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan and his deputies, which amounted to from 28 to 40 thousand hryvnias.

The Salary Of Vladimir Zelensky

Speaking in detail, in the first month of 2020, the salary Zelensky amounted to 28 thousand UAH (the sum of the salary of the guarantor of the country). But after taxes, the leader of Ukraine received 22 540 USD. While his salary does not pay any allowances or premiums.

Salary Andrey Bogdan

In January the salary the former head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan was slightly higher than Zelensky. Thus, he earned 33 435 hryvnias, but from this sum he paid 6 520 hryvnias of a tax. In this regard, really Bogdan had 26 915 USD.

What was Bohdan salary: salary – 12 857 UAH, allowance for years of service – 3 471 UAH, allowance for work under conditions of regime restrictions – 2 571 UAH, the allowance for the intensity of labor – 10 of 286 UAH, bonus, and other payments 4 249 UAH.

Salary Deputy heads OPU

In turn, in January the Deputy of the Office of the President received a salary in the range of 28-35 thousand UAH. While the largest amount received Igor Zhovkva, namely -40 thousand.

  • First Deputy head of the OPU Sergei Trofimov received sarobetsu.for a surcharge, a 33 545 UAH (after taxes remained 27 thousand hryvnia 4).
  • The Deputy head of PP Andrey Smirnov received 34 299 UAH salary (27 611 UAH after tax).
  • Deputy chief PP Cyril Tymoshenko received 30 396 UAH (after taxes received 24 469 UAH).
  • The Deputy head of the OPU Yuri Kostyuk paid 34 299 UAH (hryvnia 27 611 after tax).
  • The Deputy head of the OPU Igor Zhovkva has paid 40 thousand UAH 3 salary (32 203 hryvnia after taxes)
  • Deputy leader of PP, Anna Kovalenko paid 35 191 UAH salary (28 329 UAH after tax).
  • The Deputy head of the OPU Yulia Kovaliv paid 28 562 UAH salary (22 UAH 992 after taxes).