Published top paying jobs Kiev

Опубликован топ высокооплачиваемых вакансий Киева


The number of vacancies in the capital since the beginning of the quarantine grew by 18%

Realtors that meets all the stated requirements, employers are willing to pay 25 thousand hryvnia per month.

The highest salary in the capital as at the end of June employers offer on the job of the realtor and software engineer. On Thursday, July 2, reported the Kyiv city employment center.

Realtors that meets all the stated requirements, employers are willing to pay 25 thousand UAH per month, software engineers — 22 thousand UAH.

In addition, 20 thousand UAH. offer average monthly salary for auditors and electricians. At 17-18,5 thousand UAH. you can count the heads of the departments, services and offices.

Master green economy offer little more than 17 thousand UAH. the burners, specialists, chief metrologist and senior engineer of boiler and turbine workshop — 16-17 thousand UAH.

Around 16 thousand UAH. promise to pay the surveyor electrical engineering and telecommunications. More than 15 thousand UAH. salary of electrician, lab technician is, wrapper elements of electric machines.

On 15 th may count Department Director, chief designer, Manager in the trade, specialist in public relations and press, sales agent, installer translucent and ventilated facades, fitter technological pipelines.

The same salary is offered for beaters body, the mechanic on repair of road-building machines and tractors, electrician for operational switching in the distribution networks, the driver of the loading machine, dispenser crushed stone and asphalt, the driver, raw mills, bitumen cook and Dyer.

Our database of vacancies of the Kyiv city employment center, as of July 1, was 10089 vacancies, which is 18% higher than at the beginning of the quarantine.

Recall that the number of new vacancies since the beginning of the quarantine fell by one-third. Moreover, in almost all spheres of activity increased, the ratio of the number of resumes to the number of vacancies.