Pumpkin Spice Delights

Pumpkin Spiced Delights


Spiced pumpkin latte, spiced muffin and scone, the must-have pumpkin pie, donut, ice cream… Fall isn't just about cooler days and leaf picking chores, but also pumpkin spice treats!

It's the perfect time to put on some extra wool, then take a walk to the little one café or the local bakery to discover the spicy creations that are so comforting. 

We Are Coffee

Nous Sommes Café is an adorable café offering international caffeinated specialties, the likes of which are rarely found in Montreal. This is where you can get your hands on a Dalgona coffee, a strawberry matcha latte, a black latte (with activated charcoal) or an einspanner*, just to break the routine. In the fall, we love the spiced einspanner! 

*The einspanner is a very popular drink from Vienna, made from a double shot of espresso topped with heavy whipped cream. Divine.


 ►180 Prince Street -Arthur East, Montreal

333 De La Gauchetière West, Montreal 

Chez Mère Grand

This little neighborhood café will bring you all the comfort and indulgence you need to get through the first blues of autumn. Here, we are treated to Barbara's home-cooked (and lovingly) delicacies, served by her husband – and barista at the same time. The squash café au lait, made with a homemade spiced squash caramel, and the pumpkin pie are two must-haves of the season.


800 Berri Street, Montreal 

Café Zezin

The man who is a master in the art of the Aeropress-type coffee extraction method – winning top honors at the international Aeropress competition in 2021 – is starting the fall enthusiastically with several summer creations. In addition to traditional pumpkin lattes and tarts, Café Zezin is also the place to discover many Brazilian specialties, such as brigadeiro, guava roll, alfajor, and more.


2351 Jean-Talon Street East, Montreal 

Olodge Café


The Olodge Café, located in Piedmont, in the Laurentians, brings together coffee lovers and outdoor enthusiasts under one roof. Pumpkin spice latte in hand, we explore not the trails of the P’tit Train du Nord, but rather the two floors while browsing for your next hiking article. Once seated, we flinch for a sandwich, a smoothie bowl, or… a pumpkin scone!

olodge.ca< /p>

670, boul. des Laurentides, Piedmont

Tommy Dion is a food columnist/critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide www.lecuisinomane.com.