Put up for sale Batmobile for 845 thousand dollars

Выставили на продажу бэтмобиль за 845 тысяч долларов

There was an announcement about the sale of the Batmobile, replicas of the cars from the movie “Batman vs. Superman”. For a huge car with a mileage of 120 kilometers please 845 339 dollars.

The dimensions of the Batmobile is impressive: its length is six meters long and four meters. Under rising with electric doors – only two seats. Of the equipment of the Batmobile has a thermal imager with a 255-fold zoom, laser sight, and a copy of the cannon on the front bumper that mimics the shooting.

Behind the seats is a 501-strong five-liter petrol V8, sending all power to rear giant wheels via an automatic transmission. Suspension of the Batmobile – air, and the weight of the whole machine is more than 1.5 tons.

The car is built in the US in 2018 and imported, and then modified the body, interior and electrics, for example, replaced the glass on armored and mounted rectangular quick release steering wheel.

According to the seller, there are only four such copies of the Batmobile. Due to the large width of the car cannot be driven on regular roads, and transportation is only permitted on paratransit and special effects.