Put up for sale racing boat with a Ferrari engine


На продажу выставили гоночный катер с мотором от Ferrari

Portal DuPont Registry recently, a proposal to sell an unusual boat.

The vehicle is driven by a motor unit from the car brand Ferrari.

The boat was named Arno XI, but the cost of it the developers did not disclose. Built boat was commissioned by a enthusiast of Achilles Kastoldi in the 1950-ies, then the man decided ustanovlyuvalysya performance, accelerate the vehicle to maximum speed on the water.

Then Enzo Ferrari, founder of the eponymous car company, gave orders that the rider has collected a unique powerplant.

Hydroplane built in the wizard Cantiere Timossi of lake Como. Shell boats made from trees hardwoods and acrylicana of expensive mahogany. Racer had originally planned to use the engine from a known brand, but because the development has sent a V12 engine capacity of 4.5 liters from the model 375 as a special version for racing model.

After changing the power unit operating on methanol, which had to increase compression, install a dual magneto instead of a coil and better spark. The motor was equipped with two superchargers and carburetors Weber.

The efforts of masters allowed to increase the power capacity to more than 600 HP, the original figures were only achieved 385 HP in the standard version.

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