Putin decided to “chipped” the Russians and the laugh network

Путин решил «чипировать» россиян и насмешил сеть

In the Internet ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin for saying that he supported taking away the passports of citizens

As reported Politeka, the details leaked in the network propagandist Dmitry Smirnov.

“Akimov reported that the replacement of the passports in the plastic will start in 2020: We are planning to do so or upon the occurrence of a replacement passport or by desire. The project will be implemented in two forms – a plastic card with a Russian chip and a mobile app”, — stated in the message.

Verify that the incident was the reason for caustic comments from the users of the network.

“And brand on the ass every serf to burn! …but it’s a closed part of the meeting, not for the press”, “the cost of slavery?”, “that’s right, any electronic documentation is more susceptible to fraud”, “Stick yourself somewhere your chip, thank you,” they write.

As previously reported, famous for its caricatures of the leader of the Russian artist under the name Alesha Stupin gave a new creature. This time the genius portrayed Vladimir Putin during the throw: the hand the President is holding a missile with a nuclear facility (as evidenced by the sign on the side) and is preparing for her “shoot”. On the face of the President of the bandage.

The review members were reminded of the story with a meme bomb “Voronezh”, which appeared in the distant 2008. Recall, after the war with Georgia, the Russian government has allocated a large sum of money for the restoration of South Ossetia. Then one MP from Voronezh noted that this amount is several times larger than the whole of the Voronezh region received over three years. He therefore suggested that “better to bomb Voronezh, though we will build the normal way”. After that phrase went out over the Internet.

“Washington, D.C., th… x will fly. and soon,” wrote one commenter. — “The main thing to Voronezh throw it,” retorted the other.

Путин решил «чипировать» россиян и насмешил сеть