Putin has embarrassed during a speech before the officers

Путин оконфузился во время речи перед офицерами

In the Kremlin yesterday, November 6, hosted the traditional reception officers. Every year, during this event the President of the Russian Federation speaks, increases in ranks, like an army, and special purpose. The event is held in solemn form with the participation of the orchestra.

Not without solemn speeches this year in which some of the statements of Vladimir Putin immediately turned into memy. Special attention was paid to sound systems and lasers corresponding to the post put up on Twitter a correspondent and blogger Dmitry Smirnov.

The use of military equipment which is no longer present, no country Vladimir Putin it seems the ability to push the world to disarmament. The President noted that the production of high-tech tools of protection and destruction, it is not a threat and that Russia is ready to act for disarmament, but plans to use their own experience.

Not only Smirnov said that statement comical, many members supported the sarcasm of the author commenting on the publication: “the Struggle for disarmament as long as a stone will not remain”, “to increase the weapons to push the disarmament, mnogohodovok”, ” Grandfather is quite bad …Leon already reminds to end.”

Some who remembered that the installation of such weapons already mentioned a few years ago and now it is not clear, there are lasers or not, and if so, why.