Putin is ridiculed because of absurd statements about the superweapon

Путина высмеяли из-за абсурдного заявления о супероружии

Igor Romanenko, who previously held the post of Deputy head of the General staff of VSU, said that Vladimir Putin lied about the presence of Russia’s hypersonic weapons.

The General-the Lieutenant of a stock Romanenko, Putin often brags about new weapons developments to the Federal Assembly, but often it turns out to be a lie. So, he had 2 years ago told about new technology in General than does now. Putin said that only in Russia and nowhere else is the powerful hypersonic weapons.

However, the ex-Deputy said that the development of such a plan are held in many States, in particular, they are available in Belarus. Igor Romanenko noted that the development of hypersonic weapons in the Russian Federation, which is at different stages, is far from reality, and from what tells the Russian President.

Lieutenant-General recalled that during the tests a missile with a nuclear installation on Board or unmanned underwater vehicle turned to the Russia disasters and deaths of many people.