Putin is ridiculed because of the ridiculous jokes on a new meeting with Erdogan

Путина высмеяли из-за нелепой шутки на новой встрече с Эрдоганом

The main Kremlin propagandist, and an ardent sympathizer of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Smirnov made fun of the situation with Putin.

A funny video he posted on his page on Twitter.

The footage of the President sitting in office chair beside his colleagues. They dismantled some papers. Officials know they’re being filmed on camera. Therefore, the Russian head of state asked to hide some papers on what others have resisted this order.

“Putin about the cards brought Erdogan: It should be close.

Erdogan: I want to see. Let them see how we work,” decoded video Smirnov.

The network has joined the discussion:

“Hearts, diamonds, blame, and for me, the crosses I know Yes…. 😂”;

“Not overworked, the country is resting, you only work”;

“Today, trump has contributed. It’s 8:57 a.m. in new York. 9 expected statement from the White house about the destruction of one of the leaders of the Islamic (ISIS)terrorist organization in Northern Syria. It seems that under cover can be removed and one of the leaders of the Kurds trump thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria and the Kurds for their help in the elimination of the leader of ISIS. The conference prodoljaetsya. Trump answers questions and gives details of the destruction of al-Baghdadi. Again thanks Russia… the Us media wonder why the President makes such quite an ordinary statement? It’s very simple. After the Turkish-Russian talks and the African summit Tram lost politicization and trying to catch up..”;

“Just today it’s his turn to clown work. Trump the good clown. Sun”;

“Again playing cards brought in silly pouting!”;

The “secret cards for the withdrawal of capital from Russia?”;

“Waiting for trump statements”;

“He eats Breakfast (probably)”.