Putin is ridiculed because of the strange story about “heifers” and Ukraine

Путина высмеяли из-за странного рассказа о «телушках» и Украине

Vladimir Putin laugh network a strange reaction to the suggestion of Nursultan Nazarbayev to organise to it a meeting with Vladimir Zelensky in Kazakhstan

The Russian President for the first time personally commented on the previously announced the proposal during a press conference at the BRICS summit in Brazil (to see the video, doscroll down the page).

Putin has stated that on holding a meeting with Zelensky tete-a-tete before the summit in “Norman format” can not be considered.

However, he could not resist and not to go to Ukraine with another Council.

This time the President of the aggressor country urged Kiev not to look for “happiness beyond the seas”, and to negotiate with their neighbors. To Express this simple thought Putin chose a rather strange for the official press conference of the expression.

“Ukraine should look for happiness beyond the seas. Beyond the sea heifer — mite, but the road transportation. So not beyond the sea, not the ocean it is necessary to look for happiness, with its neighbours to negotiate,” he said.

The Russian President also called as soon as possible to hold breeding forces in the Donbas at the line of contact and to make “the gun did not fire”.

In the network of Putin’s words about heifer and the mite caused a real furor.

“Grandfather in Brazil re-ignites: “heifer mite, Yes ruble transportation.” It seems to be an agreement to supply Brazilian spoons, knives, forks, even cheaper. But there is a saying, when something different doesn’t work. Right, bad dancer bells hamper”, “Yes, he’s right — it’s time for Turkey and Poland closer somehow”, “Just sick Ukraine doesn’t owe you anything — get lost, unclean, Yes, IT just mocks! The Russians, give this Horde a “heifer” with the sexual organs of his grandfather, what with the neighbors “Grad”, tanks and “itemname” not friends. Who goes uninvited, rarely leaves nehany. And again. “Small bug, but stinking” — is a Russian proverb”, “Man as he zadolbal to restore order at the neighbours. His people are freezing and he gas for sea transports”, “there has long been Botox for brains” — commented Putin’s words on social media.

Путина высмеяли из-за странного рассказа о «телушках» и Украине

Путина высмеяли из-за странного рассказа о «телушках» и Украине

Путина высмеяли из-за странного рассказа о «телушках» и Украине