Putin made fun of a caricature in the style of famous horror movie

Путина высмеяли карикатурой в стиле известного фильма ужасов

In the network appeared another caricature of Vladimir Putin. Its author was already known to our audiences cartoonist Andrew Petrino.

It was published on the personal page in Twitter.

The picture he signed as “#Reconstructor Empire.”

In it, he portrayed the head of the Kremlin, which appeared in the costume and manner of Napoleon. His face mask is a popular character from the Thriller. And he was riding a toy wooden horse.

We all know that Putin is credited with the syndrome of “Napoleon complex”. They are recognized to be considered a set of psychological characteristics which are peculiar to people of low growth. Such people are “famous for” overly aggressive behavior, allegedly trying to compensate so the lack of growth. Also known as Napoleon syndrome and syndrome short. Well, besides all remember how Napoleon used to conquer new lands. So the parallel is inescapable.

But the Billy doll mask from the movie “Saw” of the legendary horror movie about a serial killer indicates a recent event that occurred in Russia. News about how the associate Professor of the history of Saint-Petersburg State University, Oleg Sokolov V. murdered his graduate student, dismembered her and tried to drown in the river the remains of a body, spread already all the world’s media.

“Hey, I want to play a game with you. Life or death? The choice is yours.”, — so start your video message shown on television a famous film nut as well Billy. Games Putin himself known to everyone.

In the comments to the post, people have expressed their opinion:

“Reconstructor Oleg Sokolov put — was that he was a murderer and a dismantler. And when planted Reconstructor-killer Igor strelkov (Girkin)?”, “I am angry and terrible gray wolf, I know a lot about monkeys!!!”, “Vodnochas I spodoba, I posicao s Vasco piskovo Shadi. Instead of conic, acbi WMV, namaluva bi hand “Nest” V. Soroka, Bo became reality”.