Putin pardoned the Israeli, sentenced in Russia to 7.5 years for smuggling hashish

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to pardon Israeli woman Naamah Issachar, sentenced in Russia to 7,5 years of a colony for 9.6 grams of hashish, which is found in the transit area of Sheremetyevo airport. Putin last week promised the mother of Issachar that “all is well”, BBC reports.

Путин помиловал израильтянку, приговоренную в России к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша

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Putin signed a pardon were Israeli, reported in the Kremlin. In the text of the decree States that the President of Russia operates, “guided by the principles of humanity”. The decree comes into force from the day of its signing.

“Sharing the joy of relatives and thousands of people who watched and worried about the fate of Naamah, it is difficult to get rid of the aftertaste kind of legal release, which can be expressed by the phrase: it could be easier,” said Bi-bi-si, the lawyer Valery Zinchenko from the bar Association Pen & Paper, which represents the interests of girls.

Last week, on January 23, Putin during his visit to Israel met with the mother of Issachar, which in November of last year I approached him with the request to pardon his daughter. He promised her that “everything will be fine”.

The next day the Kremlin said that the process has stalled because of the unwillingness of Issachar to write a petition for pardon. And on Sunday, January 26, lawyers for the 26-year-old Israeli woman reported that convicted drug smuggling still filed a petition for clemency and early release from prison.

“We discussed with Naama Issachar statement by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov that her clemency should her personal appeal to the President. As a result of our discussion Naama decided to appeal to the President”, — said in a statement.

Mother convicted confirmed that the daughter had written a petition for pardon. This week she arrived in Russia and came to the suburban colony, where is serving a sentence of her daughter.

On 27 January the Commission on pardons of the Moscow region recommended to grant the request, and the Governor Andrei Vorobyov signed the recommendation.

Путин помиловал израильтянку, приговоренную в России к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша

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The arrival of Netanyahu

Israeli media reported earlier that Israel and Russia have agreed on the main issues associated with the expected pardon Issachar, and engaged in the details of her release.

This issue was raised during a telephone conversation of President Putin and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. They called twice on 26 December and 16 January, and on 28 January it became known that Netanyahu will call in Russia to discuss with Putin the plan of middle East settlement, proposed by the President of the United States Donald trump.

After the publication of the decree of pardon, Netanyahu thanked “his friend” Putin. Mother pardoned the father also thanked the Russian President for the sympathy.

“It is assumed that Issachar will leave Russia together with the mother Board of the Prime Minister of Israel on Thursday, 30 January”, — told the Interfax informed source. The newspaper the Jerusalem Post reported that Netanyahu can take Issachar from Russia to his homeland after a meeting with Putin.

“Deal with Russia was not. The release of Naamah — the goodwill gesture of President Putin against USA,” said the source, Recalling that Issachar is both Israeli and American citizenship.

The newspaper Maariv, referring to its existing document, wrote that the Israeli authorities decided to transfer the rights over Alexander metochion in Jerusalem — a request from the Russian authorities was under consideration of the Ministry of justice of Israel for several years.

Moscow denied that the questions about the pardon and the compound can be connected. Putin aide Yuri Ushakov said: “You can link whatever you want, but you still don’t know what decision will be the girl.”

Путин помиловал израильтянку, приговоренную в России к 7,5 годам за контрабанду гашиша

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Business Naamah Issachar

26-year-old Issachar was detained in April last year in the transit zone of Sheremetyevo airport, where she had a transplant on the flight from Delhi to tel Aviv. In Luggage girl found 9.6 grams of hashish.

The Israeli woman was accused of possession (paragraph 1 of article 228 of the criminal code) and smuggling of drugs in large amount (paragraph “C”, part 2 of article 229.1 of the criminal code) and imprisoned. In October 2019, the Khimki court of the Moscow region recognized Issachar guilty and sentenced it to 7,5 years of a colony.

19 Dec Moscow regional court has recognized lawful the sentence, despite defense arguments that Issachar did not understand a significant portion of his accusations and what is happening on the first court due to bad translation.

“The conclusions of the courts on the proof of drug smuggling by Naama no legal critics could not stand, — says the lawyer Zinchenko. The paradox is that the act of pardon by the President does not resolve the issue of serious reputational losses of the system after the case of Naamah. And it could be really easy — rightfully and humanly. The arguments of the defense in this case the court was enough”.

The Israeli media wrote that Moscow was ready to pass Issachar Israeli authorities — in exchange for the hacker, Alexey Burkov, who was detained in December 2015 at the airport of tel Aviv at the request of the United States.

Relatives of the father even went to court with the petition for cancellation of extradition of a Russian citizen in the United States, calling Issachar a “diplomatic hostage.” However, in November 2019, the Israeli authorities handed Burkova Americans.

Bloomberg, citing its sources familiar with the deliberations Issachar in the Kremlin, wrote that Putin does not want to release the Israelite, not to increase the rating of Netanyahu, who in early March expect the third year of the extraordinary elections to the Parliament.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • 11 Oct 2019 a court in Russia has sentenced a citizen of Israel and the United States and Naama Issachar to 7.5 years in prison on charges of drug smuggling. Issachar was detained April 9 at the airport Sheremetyevo, where she performed the transplant on the way from Delhi to tel Aviv. In the Luggage of Israeli woman found 9.6 grams of hashish. Since April of Issachar was in jail.
  • On 14 October, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin appealed to President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a request to pardon the Israeli na’ama Issachar, which the court in Moscow sentenced to seven and a half years in prison on charges of smuggling and possession of drugs.
  • Mother Naamah Issachar arrived in Russia to support the daughter during the trial, left after the verdict and is seeking meetings with Naama in jail. Before Jaffe was able to see her daughter and give her sweets. The woman also gave an interview, telling about his daughter and her business.
  • Edition of the Jerusalem Post said that Moscow offered Israel exchange Naama Issachar on the citizen of Russia Alexey Burkov, who was arrested at the airport in tel Aviv in 2015, according to the request of the United States. Washington made the request for the extradition of a Russian citizen. In the States he is suspected of cyber crime against the US citizens.

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