Putin ridiculed because of the insults of the famous musician

Путина подняли на смех из-за оскорбления известного музыканта

Yesterday evening in the Russian Federation, in the concert hall “charge” it orextra performance of the Mariinsky theatre. It was dedicated to the laureates of the Tchaikovsky competition from different countries.

Many officials and Vladimir Putin attended the event and the Banquet after it did not go unnoticed, for the media and social networks in your Twitter event ridiculed blogger and special correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Dmitry Smirnov.

The reason for this takeaway for the audience was the strange behavior of Vladimir Putin’s attitude to the pianist Denis Matsuev. After all, the President of the Russian Federation on the camera and when journalists wryly joked that Matsuev pour not worth it.

The globe has responded to this post, most were indignant by the behavior of Vladimir Putin, noting that while he was sipping champagne in the country going on a complete mess. Someone said that this attitude usual for the head of state, he likes to publicly mock his preferredname: “Dylan loves to lower his camera.”

Sarcastic remark about the weakness of the famous pianist was made during a meeting with the laureates and has not gone unnoticed for many of you.