Putin ridiculed in the network because of the absurd decision with regards to the Internet

Путина высмеяли в сети из-за абсурдного решения касаемо интернета

As you know, on the territory of the Russian Federation, on the first of November, entered into force a bill which provides for the isolation of the country from the Internet. It was called “sovereign of the Internet”. About it write mass media.

However, as say the locals, that never happened, and Russian citizens can continue to sit in the network without any problems. It was ridiculed by user “Vitauskas” on the social network Twitter.

He writes: “it Seems that in the country a technological breakthrough gone wrong. It has been almost 4 days, and announced the sovereign “will Cabernet” and not earned. As it turned out, the main problem of Russia is that the Internet can not be crushed by the tractor…”.

Also, the text was attached to the cartoon, which depicts Russian President Vladimir Putin, who foot passing wire, like not giving the Internet the chance to go to the Russians.