Putin spoke about the serious problems in the energy market

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin expressed the view that the current problems in the global energy market the most ambitious in the history.

Путин заговорил о серьезных проблемах на рынке энергетики

He said this during a meeting on developing the fuel and energy complex, reports the portal “Hvilya”.

Putin said that the problems in the energy market are systemic in nature and transcended national limits, and pandemic coronavirus negative impact on the demand for energy resources and the global economy.

“The global energy market is not the first time confronted with a sudden, dramatic fluctuations. However, this has not happened,” — said the head of the Kremlin.

Putin said that Russia intends to cooperate with foreign partners and negotiate with them on the balancing energy market. According to him, the Russian leadership plans to find solutions that will help enterprises in long-term projects and create jobs.