Putin, Trump, QAnon, same fight

Putin, Trump, QAnon, same fight


Surrounded by soldiers clad in operetta uniforms, the vindictive little man went on a violent diatribe against the West and the United States on Friday. 

In a lavish room in the Kremlin, filled with his regime's henchmen, including the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, he announced that he was annexing four Ukrainian regions to Russia. Kirill had previously given absolution to Russian soldiers who die in Ukraine, “this sacrifice washes away all the sins that the person has committed”.

Putin reiterated that he was ready to use nuclear weapons to protect “Great Russia”. The Russian army does not even control all the annexed territories. She had to retreat from the Lyman sector of Donesk since Putin's proclamation. 

A holy war against the West

Putin added that “the destruction of Western hegemony is irreversible”. It will take time: “We will bury you,” Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev predicted in 1956.  

Putin accused the West of undermining “traditional values” in the service of “satanicism”, a favorite catchphrase of Trump allies. His former adviser Steve Bannon and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia could have made this speech.

Putin's thesis on the West's abandonment of religion and on Satanism joins the theories of the American religious right.

The trumpeting right admires Putin. QAnon followers cheered Putin's invasion. They think Putin is attacking Ukraine to destroy the Deep State, the secret US government, that Trump is fighting against.

QAnon assholes believetthat Trump is protecting the world from a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles. High-ranking Democrats and Hollywood celebrities are reportedly running a global child sex trafficking ring that they kill for their blood. 

QAnon predicts that Trump, in an event called “The Storm,” will one day proceed to their arrest and execution. 

It is so insanely absurd that one might think it is an anti-Trump hoax dreamed up by pranksters wanting to ridicule his gullible supporters who are as stupid as they are dangerous. The QAnon movement is considered by the FBI as a potential source of domestic terrorism.

Putin behind QAnon? 

Putin therefore endorses the Satanist theses of QAnon. I am among those who suspect that QAnon could be a Russian secret service operation. And if Moscow didn't create QAnon, the Russians certainly use it. An excellent instrument to spread chaos in the United States. 

Belief in QAnon has increased since Trump's defeat in the 2020 election. According to the Public Religion Research Institute, 41 million Americans believe in QAnon. They also say that God has granted America a “special role in human history.” Fifteen percent of Americans believe that Satan-worshipping pedophiles control the US government, media and financial world that violence may be necessary to save the United States.