Putin’s attitude to the Russians ridiculed the funny caricature

Отношение Путина к россиянам высмеяли курьезной карикатурой

The famous cartoonist Andrei Petrenko often happy with their creativity of fans.

This time the artist made fun of President Putin’s policy in relation to the freedom of expression of its people, the social network Twitter.

Andrei Petrenko often uses in his work the image of Putin and in the Russian Federation, cleverly noticing fine details that are easy uses in his cartoons and the images by such brilliant and simple creations you just can’t pass without mentioning their humor and irony.

This time Petrenko’s post,which noted, in Russia relating to the protesters and the protesters, what is the attitude of the authorities towards freedom of speech and expression of citizens. Everyone who has the desire to go against the system or get arrested in paddy wagons. The whole essence of Russian democracy in the same way, the literary hero of Gianni Rodari Chipollino.

Отношение Путина к россиянам высмеяли курьезной карикатурой

The Internet community has supported the author’s view of the situation, leaving a few succinct comments under the post: “the prison is full of honest people! … Prisons are built for those who steals and kills, but President Putin, on the contrary, thieves and murderers in the Palace, and sit in jail honest citizens.”