Quarantine as an opportunity for several months to develop promising career

Any crisis not only creates problems but also opens new opportunities. And the worldwide pandemic is no exception. In particular, HR professionals predict that in postcoronary age will greatly increase the demand for health care workers. According to experts, already now more and more non-medical companies employ staff physicians, and some even create a special medical unit.

Карантин как возможность: как за несколько месяцев освоить перспективную профессию

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Therefore, in the coming months and years, the demand for physicians in the United States will continue to grow. The medical specialists will be needed where before the pandemic on their hiring did not even think.

And then quarantine gives us another priceless opportunity is time. Those who had understood the need for the development of new promising profession, but was afraid even to think about the beginning of school due to perpetual lack of time, now had a break from employment and can begin to develop in a new direction. Now, you can get the dental assistant training you’ve been putting off.

In addition, the pandemic has forced many to rethink views on the world and their place in it, causing some desire to devote myself to something new. And medicine, as shown by the data of the labour market, is a great field to start a new successful life. With an average projected growth of jobs in the US by 5% until 2028, forecasts for all medical specialties is much higher.

Карантин как возможность: как за несколько месяцев освоить перспективную профессию

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To help you become a holder of in-demand occupations may be licensed school Concord Rusam. For many years of work it opened its doors to the world of medicine to thousands of Americans and immigrants in the United States. Now the school offers different learning formats, including online classes, to enforce the quarantine and ensure the comfort of students.

To develop a perspective of the medical profession in America, even without any previous experience in this field and in just a few months. In the list of such includes:

Specialist in blood collection (Phlebotomy Technician)

Blood is one of the shortest and most affordable programs in Concord Rusam. Just a few weeks (200 hours training) students learn the technique of blood sampling, storage and transport of samples studied marking of vials, passing the exam for certificate and then can begin working in a medical office or a mobile laboratory.

These professionals, according to Glassdoor, earn from $22 to $37 thousand a year. Bureau of labor statistics of the U.S. predicts that by 2028 employment in this sector will grow by 23%.

Specialist electrocardiogram (Electrocardiography Technician)

Upon completion of this course graduates will receive a qualification and certificate required to operate the equipment electrocardiograph (ECG) and reading test results on this machine. A complete course in Concord Rusam covers the theory and practice of electrocardiography and takes 52 hours of classroom and clinical training.

By 2028 employment in this industry will grow by 22%, the average salary of such professionals — $38.5 thousand.

Specialist patient care (Patient Care Technician)

This 377-hour course includes classes Phlebotomy Technician, Electrocardiography Technician and Certified Nurse Aide. After you complete these programs, students receive a separate certificate for each specialty and the General certificate of specialist in patient care (PCT).

In this industry earn between $27 to $42 thousand per year, the demand until 2028 will grow by 9%.

Assistant pharmacist (Pharmacy Technician)

Assistant pharmacist can work in pharmacies and pharmacy departments of hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. The training program in Concord Rusam is 96 hours. Classes are conducted by highly professional instructors with many years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector. The program includes familiarization with medical drugs, calculation of dosages of different medications, methods of dispensing, inventory, billing management, prescriptions and laws in the pharmaceutical field.

The number of jobs in this field until 2028 will increase by 7%, and salaries here can reach $40 thousand a year.

Карантин как возможность: как за несколько месяцев освоить перспективную профессию

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Specialist medical accounts and coding (Medical Billing and Coding)

This profession is very popular in the US, where the basis for the provision of health services is medical insurance. Patient, insurance company and any institution where render medical services, connects it to the Biller. Concord Rusam will make you a Beeler in just 4 months. During this time, students will be taught varieties of insurance, and will also help them learn the special coding for different medical services and maintenance of professional medical records.

The salary of these professionals ranges from $27 to $66 thousand per year, and demand up to 2028 will grow by 11%.

Physician assistant on admission (Clinical Medical Assistant)

This course in Concord Rusam lasts for six months (920 hours of study) and includes classes Electrocardiography Technician, and Phlebotomy Technician, and clinical practice in medical offices. Clinical Medical Assistant assists the doctor in everything, including completion of the documents, where the patient’s condition can be described by using terms in Latin. Upon completion of the course students receive certificates of the school separately for all three specialties.

Until 2028, the demand for such professionals will increase by 23% in the U.S. they are paid an average of $30 thousand per year.

Concord Rusam school not only provides quality education but also helps its graduates to find work. These often contact medical offices who want to take on the vacant positions that the graduates of Concord Rusam. Graduates working in hospitals and offices, to immediately inform about open vacancies and recommend that the students of the school.

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