Quarantine coronavirus: how to spend two weeks at home

In many countries, including Europe and Israel have established a rule for all arriving from abroad: compulsory two-week quarantine at home. In the US, quarantine is recommended for those who arrived from areas with recorded cases of the disease, as well as after contact with an infected person in the case of other precautionary measures. No matter for what reason you were in quarantine, and you need to spend it wisely. Here are a few ideas from ForumDaily.

Карантин по коронавирусу: как с пользой провести две недели дома

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To read and listen to books in English

A forced vacation is a good opportunity to take the time to educate themselves, work out the English language and to enjoy reading or listening to audiobooks.

  • Audiobooks is an excellent way to learn to understand English speech by ear, expand your vocabulary and feel the melody of the language. And, of course, at the same time enjoy the very same book that was never enough time. We offer you 23 website where you can download audiobooks in English.
  • Pay attention to the selection of 9 sites with the best audio books in English for children and adults. All resources are free and require no registration, so now there are no obstacles between you and a favourite piece of music.
  • Visit 10 free online libraries where you can read directly on the website and download books in the English language. Moreover, you will meet with a resource that will make sure you don’t forget to read the next Chapter of the work.
  • If you have already good command of the English language, then books is the best way to expand vocabulary. Especially if these books are really interesting. Several dozen literary critics and reviewers, from The New York Times, Time, Newsday, Bookslut, The Millions and other publications picked the best, in their opinion, novels, published from 1 January 2000 in the English language.
  • One of them is a famous fan of the books; the other — much more a fan of Fox News cable television until late at night. And yet the President trump, and Barack Obama have one thing in common in relation to literature: their desire to recommend books to the General public. I advise presidents and how different offers trump and Obama — read our material.

To learn the language

The best courses are those that can be organized right at home. You can even chat with native speakers, which is not only useful, but also significantly to do stay in the four walls.

  • Learning English is quite a laborious process and many are unable to give myself a free moment to visit the tutor or even to sit and learn on their own. In such situations, save mobile app, you can use them during the lesson any household chores.
  • Even if you reside in the USA or other English-speaking countries, but are afraid or ashamed to ask friends to get prompted or corrected your mistakes, these 15 language social networking — just for you. Here you can chat with strangers that are specifically created to help in learning the English language, so they will be happy to answer all your questions, let you know how to speak and talk about the mistakes you often make.
  • There are many resources for learning the English language. Some of them are very popular, others less, some very useful, others not. But there is another kind of resources are undervalued. Here are the 10 tested sites, which few have heard.
  • How many values can have a English word? “A lot, a lot, an awful lot!”, – tell the students and they will be right. However, as a rule, these values will be close or similar, for example: dance – “the dance” or “dance”, love – “to love”, “love”, “love”, “beloved”. But there are some words whose values diverge so strongly that they become the opposite. Let us dwell for 10 most frequent polysemous English words.
  • Many people spend years and still not reach the desired level. Fluent English own a few units, although the benefit of this is obvious to all. Luckily, using the proper technique, you can speed up the learning process! The expert shared a list of 30 tips-hacking, which was used in the study of English. They are guaranteed to improve your language in no time.

Watch movies, series and TV shows

The familiar and pleasant experience for many busy people — stay in front of TV, computer or mobile device with your favorite show, a new series of popular TV series or feature film. Quarantine — a time to devote himself to the fascinating stories!

  • Modern streaming services let you watch movies and TV shows almost anywhere. But it can be costly since they usually require monthly subscriptions. Fortunately, you have other options. Here are 13 live streaming services and Internet sites watching movies, TV series and programs which won’t cost a penny.
  • One of the foundations of knowledge of the English language — the perception of it by ear — it is better to train while watching English movies. Should start with those films that you’ve managed to watch in their native language. For beginners, the perfect cartoon with simple vocabulary, for example the work of Pixar. Don’t forget about the subtitles, but let them be in English, otherwise the whole benefits of watching the movie will come to naught. We offer you to pay attention to a selection of paintings by levels of language proficiency — will appeal to all!

To prepare taxes

Maybe not the most exciting and enjoyable, but definitely a useful exercise, because April 15 is near.

  • We won’t pretend that taxes are fun. Taxes is a burden. But most people are not so hard to clean up their tax Affairs. What to do in the first place? What is most important to consider? Here are instructions on how to file a tax return without assistance.
  • Planning ahead may slightly facilitate the task of preparing your tax documents. Tax professionals and other financial experts have compiled a list of things to do right now to manage without a problem to file a return by April 15.
  • We all know that wages are taxed by the Federal government, but uncle Sam is far-reaching definition of “taxable income”. It covers numerous types of earnings. Many people do not even realize that they are subject to Federal income tax. Talk about several types of taxable income that may come as a surprise.
  • The idea to postpone the submission of tax declarations by the deadline — April 15 — may seem tempting, but if you postpone everything to the last moment and make a mistake, this delay can be costly in the future. The IRS may require at least 4 to 6 weeks to notify you by mail that you must answer and correct your mistake. Better attend to this now. 7 mistakes which you should avoid in our material.


Did you know that you can travel without leaving home and even without leaving the couch? Today’s online resources offer such possibility!

  • Thanks to technology, travel the world without leaving your couch. You can walk to interesting places in the world: at an altitude of 8000 meters, in the depths of the oceans to the secret world objects. Like a time machine with the help of web cameras we will move on many centuries ago or will look in the near future. Click on the headings and went.

Bring order to social networks

Finally you have so long wanted to make: it’s time to bring order to social networks, getting rid of unnecessary and unused accounts, and also to take care of the cyber security of your pages.

  • If you decide to delete your accounts in popular social networks, it will not take much time — just need to know where to click. Here’s how to permanently delete your page in the “Classmates”, as well as in popular among the Russian-speaking population of the social network Vkontakte.
  • Most Internet users rarely think about deleting the account on the grounds that they are no longer needed. Usually people just stop using the service, and filled out a profile with personal information left to gather dust on the server hacking. Will tell from the accounts what services and social networks it is better to get rid of.
  • Unless you configure Google Maps properly, it will automatically keep a log of all your travels, wherever you go, regardless of whether you are walking, riding or fly anywhere in the world. All recorded in great detail, down to the minute, and can show where you were at any point in time. Learn how to automatically delete this information.
  • How to use the privacy settings of Facebook? Who keeps track of your actions in social networks, and why? Michael Fertik, lecturer at Harvard law school, answered the most popular questions about cybersecurity. Here are 7 things you need to know to protect yourself on social networks.

To have fun and try something new

Even when doing something not very necessary, but very interesting, as not in quarantine? However, who knows, maybe some of the studied new skills will serve you well for a long time.

  • There are search services that do better than the market leaders — for example, in comparison with Google. We have prepared for you a selection of 8 of the searchers who might like you and become popular, leaving behind popular services. And it is not on Yandex or Bing.
  • In February, Google Maps was 15 years old, and many of the more than 1 billion people, which accounts for the use of Google worldwide, not just doing it for navigation. Most likely, you among them. Here are 15 tips about Google that you may or can do in Google Maps — it is interesting and informative!
  • Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine in the world, but on the main page there are many secrets that know one. Here you can flip a coin, play games or make letters on the screen to crumble. Note the 10 secrets and tricks of Google, which you did not know, and are definitely worth a test.

To prepare for elections in the USA learn more

  • The electoral process in the United States is in full swing and all the attention of American voters already chained to potential candidates. The election of the American President — a lengthy and complicated process, and few can boast that he understands all of its intricacies. ForumDaily offers its readers to test their knowledge in the field of American politics and take our fascinating quiz.
  • If our test has shown that you have a lot to learn, we laid out the whole process of elections on the shelves, that Russian-speaking citizens of the United States also could make an informed choice. How to choose the President of the United States: a simple explanation of a complicated electoral system — in the material ForumDaily.
  • Federal laws in America apply across the country, in every state and city. Congress and the President play an important role in the development and enforcement of these laws, but they are not alone. Tell how US Federal authorities and local governance.
  • Learn about how to register to vote and determine the dates for voter registration in your state, visit the website of the U.S. government. We have collected the most important recommendations: here are step by step instructions for your registration to vote in the elections.


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