Quarantine in Antarctica: how to live the last continent without a coronavirus

About what is happening on the continent, the inhabitants of the Chilean Antarctic station told the BBC.

Карантин в Антарктиде: как живет последний континент без коронавируса

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Antarctica is the only continent where there is no person who contracted the coronavirus. Access to medicine and necessary equipment are limited, and the spread of the virus could lead to serious consequences.

Now all scientific stations entered quarantine.

“Foreign polar stations, as well as our Chilean, adhere to the concept of “isolation within isolation”. We all follow the instructions from our countries,” says Alejandro Valenzuela peña, commander of naval forces of Chile.

The tourist season in Antarctica is over 3 Mar. Many stations scientific work was suspended before the planned time.

In Antarctica it is difficult to get medical help. Therefore, the spread of the coronavirus can lead to serious consequences.

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