Quarantine in Los Angeles extended for the summer: what to prepare California residents

Orders County of Los Angeles on the stay home “with certainty” will be extended for the next 3 months, the Director health Barbara Ferrer during a meeting of the Council of observers 12 may, writes LA Times. She later added that even if the quarantine will be extended for the whole summer, the restrictions will “gradually weaken” within five of the state plan.

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“We are guided by scientific data and information received that safely propels us forward in a manner that allows us to guarantee the adoption of effective measures to distancing and infection control,” said Ferrer, adding that the district expects compliance with orders people to be able to relax the restrictions.

Ferrer stressed that further progress will depend on efforts to contain the virus. County of Los Angeles is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus in California.

“We hope that using the data, we can gradually remove restrictions for the next three months,” she said. But no widely available testing for coronavirus or quick home tests it seems unlikely that guidelines for social distancing and orders to stay at home can be completely weakened.

12 may the head of the County of Los Angeles Catherine Barger also expressed the hope that in the coming weeks, the quarantine will begin to soften.

“I look forward to the opportunity to open more in the area as soon as it is safe, in cooperation with our experts in the field of health, community leaders, businesses and residents with best practices to ensure our overall health and well-being. These decisions will be based on the latest scientific data and gathered information, she said in a statement. — I’m sure that the better our citizens will continue to abide by the rules, the sooner we can get back to normal life”.

In the coming days will open the beaches, but the sand will be only protective accessory on the face, and sunbathing are not permitted. Allowed only active — surfing, running, walking and swimming. Chairs, umbrellas and any other accessories that usually dot the coastline not allowed.

The mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti echoed the comments made by Barger, stating that the city will continue to adjust orders to be able to gradually expand its activities and business.

“We will not leave COVID-19 behind, we learn to live with it — and we will continue to make measured steps in the direction of a new, safer reality in the coming days and weeks,” he said.

May 12, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief expert on infectious diseases in the country, has warned members of the U.S. Senate about that too rapid easing of restrictions could lead to a new outbreak of infection. According to Fauci, 14-day reduction in the number of cases is a major landmark that should take into account the States before opening.

In the County of Los Angeles confirmed cases COVID-19 and mortality continue to rise. On 12 may the district announced a new 961 positive results for the virus and 45 new deaths, bringing the death toll has reached 1613 people. Mortality in the County of Los Angeles is more than half the total number in the state. About 253 000 people out of 10 million County residents were checked for the presence of the virus, and about 11% — more than 32 000 were infected. Officials encourage all residents, even those who have no symptoms, get tested.

In some neighbouring districts, which ease restrictions also continued to increase the number of cases of disease and mortality. Riverside County, where, on 8 may, officials voted to abolish requirements for the wearing of masks, reported about 150 new cases and 12 new deaths. In orange County in 45 cases and one death were registered on 12 may, the number of hospitalizations has increased to 230.

In the County of Santa Clara, which was once the hottest spot in the state, the number of cases decreased. Officials reported two additional cases and no deaths, according to may 11. Santa Clara is one of six counties in the Bay area, where he extended the orders to stay home.

May 12, the Governor of California Gavin Newsom announced the rules to resumption of service. According to the web site of the state of covid19.ca.gov by opening offices is also included in the plans of the districts, approved “for a more rapid passage through stage 2, in which jobs will be opened”, says Deadline.

Newsom announced that he changes the orders of the state to separate the County could authorize the opening of shopping centres in the format of ex. The order also allows for the re-opening of some offices, if the remote operation is not possible.

“While we cannot say that we are out of danger,” recalled Newsome.

The list of sectors in Phase 2 who may apply for the opening within the easing of the quarantine, including restaurants dine-in, open air museums, shopping centres and all retail stores, all office jobs, all manufacturing and logistics industry, supporting the retail trade. Bars will remain closed.

Phase 3 will include the opening of cinemas and carrying out large meetings such as Church services.

Newsom supported the decision Barbara Ferrer to extend the quarantine restrictions in Los Angeles.

“There should be no pressure on local officials in Los Angeles or anywhere else — he said, — their conditions are very different from some of the rural districts.”

Before opening, the state government claim that all objects have:

  • to perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a security plan for a specific area of activities;
  • to teach employees how to limit the spread COVID-19, including how to check yourself for symptoms and stay home if you have them.
  • to implement the individual measures monitoring and verification;
  • implement protocols for disinfection;
  • to introduce the principles of physical distancing.

Newsom said the state has already spent more than 1 million tests on COVID-19, which he called an important milestone. The Governor announced six new testing sites for rural areas. The Governor also said that of Butte County and El Dorado are the first local regions are allowed to move into the second phase of opening.

On the eve of this speech, at a press briefing coronavirus may 11, Newsome said that he and the leaders of Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Nevada, including governors and speakers of legislative bodies of each state, urging the Federal government to provide additional trillions of dollars in assistance to these States. He added that most of the aid will go to help officials in public safety, such as police officers, firefighters, and schools.

Newsome said that help is needed, partly because he expects a rise in unemployment above 20% up to 22-25%.

The Governor stressed that “more than 70% of the economy,” California is now open.



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