Quarantine-Royal: virtual tours of the most famous castles in Europe

Virtual entertainment is really now experiencing a huge boom. To the extent that, as more and more men are quarantined to help contain the spread of the coronavirus, they are also looking for good ways to entertain yourself besides watching movies. This writes Travel and Leisure.

Карантин по-королевски: виртуальные туры по самым известным замкам Европы

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Google Arts&Culture offers a huge number of amazing virtual tours that are perfect for people who crave to travel, for students in need of educational materials, or to anyone who does not know what busy on the quarantine.

And if you belong to any of these groups, you’ll be pleased to know that there are virtual tours of museums, national parks, famous attractions, and, Yes, even some of the most iconic castles and palaces of Europe.

In fact, if you so longed to visit Versailles, or explore the extensive possession of the Royal family at Buckingham Palace, or walk through the territory of the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, you’re in luck: all this can be done online.

The Palace Of Versailles

Perhaps the most impressive virtual tour of the whole collection, Google Arts&Culture has created a really extensive collection of Versailles Palace — the famous home of Louis XIV, the Sun King. Not only can you enjoy a video tour of the Palace itself (or the stream in virtual reality), Google Arts&Culture also have collected some of the best works of art and artifacts in the Palace, you can go to the famous hall of mirrors, walk the extensive gardens and even find some places that you’ve never seen before even in pictures.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

Buckingham Palace

As well as this visit Buckingham Palace, only some parts of it available to the public on the Internet. Google Arts&Culture has developed a detailed virtual tour of Buckingham Palace and State Rooms with dozens of beautiful dresses from famous designers. Initially, the reception was held during London fashion week in 2018, and now it’s available for you.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

Edinburgh castle

If you were hoping to visit some of the historic castles of Scotland, Edinburgh is a great place to start. This is an ancient fortress located atop Castle rock, overlooking the capital Edinburgh, and you can now experience a walk on the famous site, without getting up from your sofa.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

Schönbrunn Palace

The schönbrunn Palace is one of the most visited places in Austria, and now he will become even more popular among virtual tourists around the world. This world heritage site, located in Hitzing, Vienna, was the summer Palace for many of the Hapsburg rulers. Not only can you meet some of the most famous works of art in the Palace, but also to do a walking tour of the Street View.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

Catherine Palace

In this particular round, there is no art collections or tours in the room, but you can still actually see one of the best attributes of this historic Russian Palace in St-Petersburg: beautiful blue, white and gold facade of the Palace. This Palace in Rococo style, was once the summer home of Catherine the great, one of the most famous Russian rulers.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

The Royal Palace of Caserta

This historic Italian Palace was once the home of the king of Naples and is one of the largest palaces built in Europe in the 18th century. It is also one of the largest Royal residences in the world. The collection includes several photos of the castle, as well as several tours of the streets and the interiors of the Palace.

To visit the online tour available on the link.

Around the globe offers even more collections and tours of the locks. For more information about tours, information and incredible archives of art, history and everything else, visit the web site Google Arts & Culture.

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