Quarantine tourism: 9 amazing places in the world that can be seen from the comfort of home

The era of coronavirus has completely restricted the movement outside of our own homes. For those who are tired to travel to the kitchen and back — offering a selection of 9 cities in the world, which remain no less beautiful if you see them online. The list was turgencia TUI on his page in Facebook.

Карантинный туризм: 9 удивительных уголков мира, которые можно увидеть, не выходя из дома

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The closed borders of most countries of the world and self-isolation is not a reason to refuse travel, albeit only in an online format. Offer you links to Webcams in popular tourist places of the world and places where there were not all experienced travelers.

1. Venice and the Grand canal, with unusually clear water

2. Views of Sydney harbour and the iconic Sydney Opera house

3. Heart of Dublin, the old town

4. Streets Of Amsterdam

5. Spectacular views of the city of Santiago, Chile

6. Noble Prague

7. Piazza Navona, Rome

8. The gorgeous beaches of Miami

9. A heavenly Waikiki beach, Hawaii


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