Quarantine ‘tree of goodness’: why a resident of Iowa was decorated with masks of the tree near the house

A woman from Iowa sew masks and hangs them on the “giving tree” to anyone is completely free to use masks during a pandemic coronavirus, says Fox News.

Карантинное 'дерево добра': зачем жительница Айовы украсила масками елку возле дома

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In Iowa, came true “the giving tree” (the name of a popular American stories — approx.ForumDaily) after one kind-hearted woman decided to make hundreds of face masks and give them to other people.

Deb Siggins from Lisbon (ia) began to make masks to help the local hospital during a pandemic coronavirus.

“I just thought [my sewing is a gift I can pass on to other people because it’s a gift that God has given me” — she said the program “Good morning America”.

55-year-old woman who pays out of pocket for all the materials, he said, made about 400 masks, 100 of them for the hospital and for patients in the doctor’s office, where she works, and for other employees on the frontline of the fight against the pandemic, including firefighters and employees of grocery stores.

Now Siggins mask hangs on the tree near his house, which is since then called the “giving tree” so that people could get the masks, while maintaining social distancing.

“It was really great to see people drive up, take the mask and go,’ said Siggins. — It was a hit.”

Siggins still doing the masks and plans to continue, as “there is a big demand.”



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