Quarantine with benefits 50 online resources with a range of free courses

Hundreds of educational sites have opened free access to training courses. In three weeks you can learn a lot, from a new hobby coding, of witchcraft and wizardry. Edition IPhones.RU collected many free platforms for learning and fun.

Карантин с пользой: 50 онлайн ресурсов с различными бесплатными курсами

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Enter the world of IT

For IT professionals the quarantine hit least: psychologically and in financial terms. If you want to change the profession and have the opportunity to work remotely not only during an outbreak, you can read here:

  • Courses and intensives on GeekBrains – Python, Java, Swift, creation of sites and applications, as well as product management, web design and advertising in Facebook;
  • Bang Bang Education – all 46 courses are available free of charge until April 16, theme – from design to development under Arduino;
  • Netology courses and lessons, development, SMM, and even exam preparation Google Ads and Yandex. Direct. Month free access code STAYHOME;
  • The official Microsoft courses – from beginner to architect solutions, with the tests most of the available for free;
  • Training videos on Microsoft products in Russian, from Channel19;
  • Academy of Yandex – lectures, meetups and workshops, broken down by topics, videos on YouTube;
  • The course on HTML, CSS, JavaScript Yandex.Workshop;
  • Loft-blog – video tutorials that will definitely help determine the direction in it and not only;
  • Stepik – courses with interactive platform, tasks, and tests, lots of practice. Of the courses available free of charge;
  • SkillBox is an online master classes available for free after you register and repost;
  • Courses on programming for beginners from Otus – will help you understand you need it or not;
  • Courses on Python, JavaScript, PHP, and bash scripts from Hexlet is the practice in the browser, the help of the community;
  • Codeacademy is a free available entry level courses, good choice of languages – there are even R and Go;
  • HTML Academy – web development, entry level courses are available free of charge;
  • A large selection of courses on Data Science from Dataquest – part is available for free after registration;
  • Big data Analytics from DataMonkey with a focus on SQL;
  • Development sites on Tilda from the Contented course opened for everyone in quarantine.

And a little net practice:

  • CodinGame – large problems fast “fights” with interesting tasks, challenges and tournaments. Only practice and a good choice of programming languages;
  • Leetcode – many free tasks that come in on interviews, validation, comparison with other solutions for speed of execution and resource consumption;
  • Hackerrank – a huge selection of task complexity – from elementary to high, including those that go beyond the courses and universities;
  • HTML trainer SkillFactory to learn the layout and to take the first step in the front end.
To pump English

Good level of English – this freedom of travel after quarantine, and a prestigious job, and TV shows in the Netflix original, and self-confidence. Today it is necessary to know more than London is the capital of Great Britain.

  • Puzzle English – English by the method of Tijera, from Beginner to Intermediate, for the most part interviews it is enough;
  • LinguaLeo and DuoLingo is a free online portals and mobile applications for learning in a playful way;
  • Busuu – the language the platform is available for free for the duration of the quarantine, courses for children and teenagers on schedule. Not only English but also Spanish, Chinese and French;
  • Lingust – audio lessons, grammar, business English, the method Pimslera for the pros from the FSB and the CIA;
  • TED – short motivational and interesting speakers from all over the world, a compilation with Russian subtitles;
  • Lang8 community of native speakers, help, prompt, will correct the post;
  • Mathematical English from the HSE;
  • English lessons from BBC – if it is difficult, you can always enable subtitles;
  • Rachel’s English – short videos of everyday situations, American English;
  • English with Jennifer – dialogues, grammar, vocabulary in a simple and clear video;
  • English in a minute video from “voice of America”;
  • Memrise is a platform that will help new learn words on the cards online.
To improve your or someone else’s business

Quarantine = the crisis. People on remote, some companies “among the sleep”, the tourist industry collapses due to closed borders. And buy less – if you certainly do not sell commodities.

But something can be done, and the future is useful:

  • The course “Text and money” Maxim Ilyakhova – lesson 53 audio recordings;
  • Free webinars for marketing, advertising and SMM, as well as courses for beginners from Cybermarketing;
  • Vector – courses on how to improve an existing business or open a new;
  • Courses on SEO, SMM and contextual advertising from the portal “Ropexpert”.
  • Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO the training of practitioners in the short lectures on YouTube;
  • Business environment – 2-minute video with lifehacks successful entrepreneurs;
  • Course on brand marketing from Andrew Fedoriw – how to create and develop their own brand, a series of videos on YouTube;
  • Blogging for business – English course Ahrefs Academy for $ 800 temporarily became free;
  • The course on investments for beginners from Tinkoff Journal.

And two useful course about remote work:

  • Course on managing remote teams and employees of “Sberbank”;
  • A series of webinars from publishing “MYTH” on how to survive and not go crazy on distance.
Head to go into science
  • ScienceVideoLab video about scientific theories, facts and myths;
  • Smoking Gutenberg – boring scientific lectures;
  • Stoned paleontologist – how dinosaurs lived and why they really are not as cool as it may seem;
  • Channel with great lectures on chemistry – there are Pro dry ice, and about unusual experiments;
  • Video magazine “Science and life” – just a return to childhood.
Become more cultured
  • Arzamas – courses on world history, literature, art, anthropology. And cool projects, for example, “Russian language from the “Goy thou” to “lol KEK””;
  • A course on the history of art from the “Sync” – learn to distinguish Monet from Manet and not only;
  • The Hermitage Academy – the official courses of the Hermitage;
  • Pushkin Academy course on art history;
  • Postnauka – courses of the different subjects, but with a scientific slant from the brain to the quantum theory;
  • Open University courses on history, sociology, politics, culture;
  • Theory and practice of modern knowledge in all fields of science and art;
  • Total dictation – the lessons of the Russian language, detailed critiques. There is also a course on the history of Russian spelling “Mouse kradetsya”;
  • Wir – video lectures on world culture and history;
To learn a new hobby
  • 4Brain – selection of courses for the development of the brain and body, from speed reading to self. Free available texts, books and articles;
  • SkillShare – creative courses, from professional photography to design and interiors. Provided two months of free access;
  • A study of the city in creative ways – keeping their distance to avoid contamination;
  • Courses of the Academy of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts, Yes, Yes, and “Defense against the dark arts”.
  • Oli Vince is one of the nicest courses in painting, watercolor and coffee;
  • DrawWithJazza – boring drawing with unusual materials and technologies;
  • Boring sound theory and practice in music appropriate for modern format.
  • Learning to play the piano, even if piano you don’t have;
  • Headspace – three months of free access to the service for meditation;
  • Guides about everything – from launching a startup to transition to vegetarianism. In English.
Bonus: free courses from the best universities and not only
  • Open education – 503 course leading Russian universities;
  • Courses HSE – classic programs in all major areas;
  • Courses, Saint Petersburg state University current program from the first University of the country;
  • Lectures of scientists of Moscow state University courses for different specialties;
  • The lecture, MGTU im. Bauman is a classic it education and relevant technology;
  • 630 free course from leading Russian universities on platforms like Coursera. Some are only available to students who will need a letter from the Dean or other documents;
  • 450 free courses of the universities of the Ivy League – feel like a student at Harvard or Princeton;
  • Courses of the State Institute of Russian language. Pushkin is not only about language;
  • The lecture – platform for online training of MIPT;
  • The national open University “Intuit” – it education, retraining, improvement of professional skills;
  • Universarium is an open platform online learning courses from leading universities of the Russian Federation;
  • Lectorium educational project for high education;
  • Open University Yegor Gaidar – video courses and tutorials focus on the economy and humanitarian Sciences;
  • The ITMO University is 68, cool courses in it, biotechnology, optical systems, instrumentation;
  • A huge table with free courses of leading universities – Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and not only, is regularly updated.


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