“Quarter 95” ridiculed the work of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada funny video

«Квартал 95» высмеял работу депутатов Верховной Рады курьезным видео

Ukrainian politicians have very difficult, TKH is already parody comedians. The artists of the Studio “Kvartal 95” podolzhayut to demonstrate that Ukraine no censorship at least in entertainment.

Former colleagues of Vladimir Zelensky in the latest issue of “Evening quarter” ridiculed the work of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Comedians within the Comedy sketch on stage made fun of the voting members of the party “servant of the people”. It was about the parliamentarians, who in the Verkhovna Rada accidentally voted against a bill when it was necessary to vote “for”, and I don’t know how it will punish party colleagues.

This careless MP played Eugene Mishka. According to the scenario he was standing in the toilet of the Verkhovna Rada and wondered how it managed to click the wrong button when voting. Like, recently moved to Kiev, have not had time to understand what was happening. Besides, refused to hold several corporate events, and now this… Salaries, probably can deny if they find out that he had lost the herd mentality.

In the scene to oshibsya the Deputy was approached by a friend at the party, among them was a very funny dialogue making fun of the many strange Ukrainians moments in the work of politicians. A play on the theme that political power take everybody, including the pizza delivery and Jehovah’s witnesses; distribute all green icons, so no one is confused, teach the commands, so that MPs were obedient. Besides, the artists “Quarter 95” allowed himself to joke about the fact that members blindly vote for most laws, which in this case is not even read.

This was shown a parody of President Vladimir Zelensky, who is sleeping a few seconds, trying to hide from the pursuing Andrei Bogdan. Was very funny and not always correct in relation to politicians, but it is clear that “kvartalova” this issue is of little concern.