Quarterbacks are dropping like flies

Quarterbacks are dropping like flies


There are not yet four weeks of the NFL regular season completed that several quarterbacks find themselves on the floor. Some of them still play despite the injuries, which should be less and less accepted in the future. 

The case of Tua Tagovailoa obviously makes people talk. The Miami Dolphins center, already a MVP contender, was sent into the fray on Thursday night against the Cincinnati Bengals after showing signs of a concussion the previous week, in addition to back and ankle injuries. 

The worst happened in his case, when he was knocked out and forced to leave the encounter on a stretcher. The NFL Players Association's investigation into the Dolphins is thus taking another turn, and a reaction is to be expected.

Besides Tagovailoa, here are other quarterbacks who have played through injuries this season:

Tom Brady

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers veteran may regret stretching his career another year. Brady isn't as dynamic and efficient as he used to be, and an injury to the ring finger of his right hand, which throws the ball, hasn't helped.

The 45-year-old played through the pain last Sunday, and the “Bucs” were defeated 14-12 by the Green Bay Packers, as Brady threw his only touchdown pass in the fourth quarter.

Justin Herbert 

After suffering broken ribs in the second game of the season, Justin Herbert was injected with a painkiller to play the next one. The Chargers quarterback didn't have a great performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who defeated the Los Angeles club 38-10.

Herbert was left in his position even though the game was completely out of reach. No doubt having to deal with the pain, he managed only 25 of his 45 aerial throw-ins.

Jameis Winston 

On the New Orleans side, Saints quarterback Jameis Winston played last week despite a back injury, but had to miss his team's next three practices.

Even though he wants to play, especially since the Saints will face the Minnesota Vikings in London on Sunday, it would be unwise to send him to the field. On Friday, Winston was a “doubtful” case on his roster roster.

Mac Jones 

The New England Patriots made a wiser decision by excluding Friday the presence of Mac Jones for the duel against the Packers, but the possibility of making him play has been mentioned all week. The 24-year-old quarterback was injured against the Baltimore Ravens when a player fell on his left ankle. He immediately left the game.

– Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) and Trey Lance (San Francisco 49ers) are other starting quarterbacks who suffered serious injuries early in the campaign. If Lance's season appears to be over, Prescott could be back sooner than expected – in week 4 or 5 – even though he underwent surgery in mid-September for a broken thumb.