Quebec 2022: consult our voter guide

Quebec 2022: check out our voter guide


Still not sure which name to put your “X” next to in the voting booth? A few hours before the provincial election in Quebec, Le Journal has prepared a voter's guide to review the significant promises of each party, identify the hot counties where nothing is at stake and take stock of this electoral campaign which is drawing to a close.

Consult the different sections of our 2022 voter's guide.

Victory in sight for the CAQ despite the blunders

François Legault led a very bad campaign, according to the opinion of experts. The good news for him is that he could afford it…but not for very long.

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Struggles to watch everywhere in Quebec

The time when the electoral map of Montreal was separated into red in the west and blue in the east is well and truly gone.

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6 electoral scenarios to consider

Elections always have their share of surprises and reversals. We need only think of the orange wave of the 2011 federal election, when Jack Layton's NDP swept away everything in its path in Quebec. What will happen this time in the provincial elections next Monday? Here we present six potential scenarios that could come to fruition. Or not.  

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One-upmanship of promises from the five major parties

The parties have offered a multitude of commitments to seduce Quebecers. Here are the most important promises of each formation, on five determining issues, to help you see more clearly.

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Growth, taxes and inflation

Experts dissect major parties' financial frameworks to inform your pick on Monday.

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Our experts' bulletin: week 5

Every Saturday, our experts take stock of the week of the election campaign that has just ended, and note the good – and not so good – moves from everyone. 

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Our columnists have their say

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  • Richard Martineau: The real suspense is for the opposition
  • Michel Girard: Overwhelmed financial executives
  • Antoine Robitaille: Legault lost the campaign
  • Mario Dumont: A second term, but why?
  • Philippe Léger: The painful ride of the CAQ< /strong>
  • Denise Bombardier: Phew! What a grueling campaign!
  • Mathieu Bock-Côté: What's left of our partisan system?
  • Michel Beaudry: Your vote
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