Quebec 2022: more private health, promise the Conservatives

Quebec 2022: more privacy in health, promise the Conservatives


While in the county of Argenteuil, in the Laurentians, Éric Duhaime took the Legault government to task over its record on access to health services.

The Conservative leader pointed out that '20% of the population still do not have access to a family doctor or family practice group' and that twice as many people are now on the front desk waiting list access, which he described as a “waiting desk”.  

He also regrets that the waiting lists for interventions and operations have lengthened over the past 12 months. .   

And as in the last few days, Éric Duhaime not only criticized the CAQ's record, but he also accused François Legault of having broken his word.&nbsp ; 

“When he wanted to merge with the Action Démocratique du Québec, Mr. Legault was a supporter of private health. He had promised us, in order for us to accept the merger between the ADQ and the CAQ, that he was going to establish private health care. Unfortunately, a few years later we have to say that he betrayed the ADQists,” he said. 

Since the start of the campaign, the Conservative leader has often mentioned that he intends to draw inspiration from the ADQ's breakthrough in the 2007 general election. That year, Mario Dumont's party did not win the constituency of Argenteuil, but she won almost 30% of the vote there. Currently, the Conservatives are in second position in this riding, far behind the CAQ, according to the Qc125 electoral projection site. 

The Conservatives believe that Quebecers are paying too much for unsatisfactory health services, and they offer to take inspiration from other places in the world “that put equivalent or lower sums” for “increased efficiency”.  

Dr. Karim Elayoubi, who is a doctor at Lachute Hospital and the party's candidate for the riding of Argenteuil, listed the steps the PCQ would take to go about it. According to him, the Conservatives intend to “quickly” hire 2,000 additional doctors, train a thousand specialized nurses in four years and give more powers to pharmacists. 

The Conservatives want to allow the emergence of competition between the public health system and a private system. They also intend to carry out pilot projects which would consist in entrusting the management of hospitals to “experienced private companies”. 

Eric Duhaime's party also intends to implement a mode of financing per episode of care , which means that a hospital that treats more patients would consequently receive more funding. “The patient would therefore be seen as a source of income, and not of expenditure”, justified Dr. Karim Elayoubi.  

Finally, the PCQ proposes to decentralize the health system, and to give more budgetary leeway to the managers of each establishment.  

Asked about the time that such a reform of the health care system in Quebec would take, Éric Duhaime assured that measures would be taken  “from the beginning of the mandate” to initiate the transition, without advancing on the number of years that would be necessary to implement the changes he proposes.

More details to come. ..