Quebec 2022: three repeat alcohol offenders behind the wheel

Quebec 2022: three repeat alcohol offenders behind the wheel

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At least 13 candidates in the upcoming elections have been convicted of impaired driving and three of them have repeated the offense, our Bureau of Investigation has discovered. < /p>

Over the past few days, our Bureau of Investigation has carried out the verification of the criminal records of the 625 candidates from the five parties represented in the National Assembly. 

All these parties have in their ranks at least one candidate who holds a conviction for impaired driving. Québec solidaire and the Liberal Party also welcome repeat offenders.

Philippe Pagé, candidate for Québec solidaire in Richmond, was arrested for drunk driving twice in the same year, in April and July 2008. He was in his twenties. The former mayor of Sainte-Camille admitted his guilt to both charges in 2010. 

Philippe Pagé candidate for Québec solidaire in the riding of Richmond.

His colleague in Nicolet-Bécancour, Jacques Thériault Watso, 48, was charged with impaired driving on three occasions in 2001. He was found guilty in two of these cases and was acquitted in the third.   

Jacques Thériault Watso

“These are all incidents that took place more than 10 years ago,” reacted Gabrielle Arguin, press officer for QS.

She assures that these individuals voluntarily disclosed this information when filing their applications and that they have since “changed their lifestyles”. 

Also to the QLP 

Note that Jacques Thériault Watso faces in his riding the Liberal candidate Marie-Josée Jacques, who was also found guilty of impaired driving, in addition to having refused to submit to a breathalyzer, in 2005. She had then 34 years old. 

Liberal candidate Marie-Josée Jacques has twice been convicted of impaired driving.

It was a second offense for the representative of the Liberal Party, also convicted of drunk driving in 1992. 

In a written statement, Ms. Jacques says she regrets having made these “reprehensible errors” , when she was young.

“I became aware of the seriousness of my actions and at the time I completed the education program which aims to make drivers aware of the problems consumption,” she added.

Philippe Pagé, Jacques Thériault Watso and Marie-Josée Jacques were fined a few hundred dollars after committing their offences. 

Twice the limit < /p>

At least ten other candidates have been found guilty on a single occasion of impaired driving. 

In Saint-Jérôme, in particular, the representative of the Parti Québécois Sandrine Michon, 32, was caught driving with a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit in 2012. 

Parti Québécois candidate Sandrine Michon has only one history in similar matters.

The special education teacher was fined $1,200.

“Ms. Michon told us that it was a childhood mistake that she greatly regretted […] It's really important for her now to explain to young people not to do what she did”, explained the president of the party, Jocelyn Caron.  


  • Conservative Party 5
  • Québec solidaire 3
  • Liberal Party 2
  • Parti Québécois 2
  • Coalition Avenir Québec 1

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