Quebec 2022: victory in sight for the CAQ despite the blunders

Quebec 2022: victory in sight for the CAQ despite gaffes< /p> UPDATE DAY

François Legault led a very bad campaign, according to the opinion of experts. The good news for him is that he could afford it… but not for very long.

Throughout the summer, the CAQ set the table for the election with advertisements where Mr. Legault never appeared, but where citizens and candidates attributed all the merits to him, even miracles.

Quebec 2022: victory in sight for the CAQ despite gaffes

Thierry Giasson
Professor, ULaval

“Then François Legault entered the scene and it was a disaster,” says Thierry Giasson, political scientist at the Laval University.

“There were several gaffes,” adds Mireille Lalancette, professor of political communication at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. 

He notably associated immigration with violence and he attacked the Attikameks.

Quebec 2022: victory in sight for the CAQ despite gaffes

Mireille Lalancette
Professor, UQTR

“Mr. Legault is not an eloquent or charismatic politician, and he is not a good speaker, says Mr. Giasson. Anything to do with diversity is a rant for him, he is not able to express himself without hurting people […] It is very disturbing. »

“I have the impression that Mr. Legault is someone who cannot stand adversity or being criticized. We do not feel that he is having fun, ”adds Ms. Lalancette.

Still far ahead

The advantage of Mr. Legault is that 'he is able to apologize. 

“And he left with such a capital of sympathy because of the pandemic that he was able to make this campaign very bad; people forgive him, adds Mr. Giasson. But it had to end. People's patience was about to run out.

The split in the vote, however, allows the CAQ to remain far ahead in terms of voting intentions.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois managed to get his ideas across and mount a positive campaign , according to Mireille Lalancette. 

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has succeeded in freeing himself from the role of a young man from the student strike to show an intelligent politician, calm, who knows his files, who does not have a swollen head , says Mireille Lalancette.

“He's good at making political storytelling by evoking that he is a new dad and that serves him well. »

« It’s a great campaign for QS, abounds Mr. Giasson. There has been work to redefine the chef and his image for several months. We chose issues that tie in with his life story and he embodies them well.

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon has also distinguished himself, believes Thierry Giasson. 

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon was respectful to other parties, he was not acrimonious or sullen and he was not cynical. “And that is original in politics,” said Thierry Giasson.

“In debate, he was the voice of reason, the person who brought order,” he says. He was dignified, he had loftiness; what we are entitled to expect from a prime minister.  

For Dominique Anglade, it was the perfect storm, illustrious Ms. Lalancette. On the other hand, we cannot say that she did it “on the vanilla side”. She gave her all. »

Dominique Anglade had a difficult campaign with a broken party with a criticized record. On the other hand, she was a fighter from start to finish, says Mireille Lalancette.

“Probably that within the Liberal Party, there were transition issues that were not resolved, adds Mr. Giasson. She did everything she could with the organization that her party gave her. »

What pandemic?

The pandemic has been swept under the rug.

“I think that implicitly, there is an agreement between the parties […] not to give space to Éric Duhaime, adds Thierry Giasson. But that we don't talk more about CHSLDs, it amazes me, I don't understand that. »

We were expecting an angry and belligerent Éric Duhaime, but we discovered a calm and verbal leader, says Mireille Lalancette. He was more erased and ignored in the debates, according to several observers.

The Conservative leader seems to have channeled something into part of the population with his rallies, says Mireille Lalancette. 

But it won't be enough for power , says Mr. Giasson, pointing out that people's anger should not be underestimated.

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