Quebec 2022

Quebec 2022


Every Saturday, our experts take stock of the week of the election campaign that has just ended, and note the good – and not so good – moves of each one. 

Natacha Joncas Boudreau

Natacha Joncas Boudreau worked for 10 years in provincial politics where she held various positions, including those of press attaché and chief of staff. She now works at TACT where she assists several organizations in public and government relations. 

General observations 

The week took place in two parts. The first half was marked by the unveiling of the chiefs' financial executives and assets. The second half started with a slowdown, preparing for the Head-to-Headobligatory. This exercise did not bring out a big winner, but big divisions: generational then left-right. For Dominique Anglade and PSPP, expectations were low and they were able to do well. Best speakers, GND and Éric Duhaime were able to score points, each at their end of the political spectrum. As for François Legault, the target of all the attacks, he seemed to find his evening a bit long. 

Good shot of the week 

< p>Master of the formula, the image and the non-verbal, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois did well during the Face-à-Face. A born debater, he was able to position his key proposals. This execution will give him an impetus for the future. 

The bad move of the week 

Despite an appreciable performance during the Face-to-Face, Éric Duhaime's week was difficult due to his history of unpaid taxes. He struggled to put the lid on the pot.

  • François Legault (CAQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 20/30
  • Dominique Anglade (PLQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 20/30
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (QS): 8/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 23/30
  • Éric Duhaime (PCQ): 6/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 22/30
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon(PQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 23/30


Sophie Villeneuve

Sophie Villeneuve acted as a political advisor in Ottawa and Quebec City for ten years. A partner at Catapulte, Bureau de communication, for 8 years, she specializes in issues management and public affairs strategies. She also runs Article 79, a parliamentary oversight service. 

General Comments 

Difficult week for Éric Duhaime, who has become threatening enough for his personal finances to be searched and anomalies found. François Legault seems tired of debating, and lacking in energy. His non-verbal in debate was most glaring. Dominique Anglade, who did not believe he could lose points in debate, achieved this feat. Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, who performs well, is impressively calm: he reveals himself during this campaign during which he brings constructive proposals. Best week for Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois who adds emotion, who talks about his game plan with heart and who leaves the impression of being a serious alternative. 

The good move of the week 

Pride, rightly brought back by a leader of the PQ who reveals himself when the majority of voters designate him as a second choice, and who could s to go there given the performance of the other chefs. 

The bad move of the week 

How could Éric Duhaime, knowing politics as he knows it, think that the irregularities in his finances would not be brought to light by his opponents? 

  • François Legault(CAQ): 6/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 19/30
  • Dominique Anglade(PLQ): 5/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 15/30
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois(QS): 8/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 21/30
  • Éric Duhaime(PCQ): 6/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 20/30
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon(PQ): 8/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 23/30

Alexandre Boucher

Having worked for a long time behind the scenes of power, Alexandre Boucher acts as Vice-President Public Affairs at NATIONAL public relations firm where his practice focuses on crisis management, issues and image, government relations and spokesperson training. 

< strong>General Comments 

In the middle of the campaign, the leaders do not give in half measures to seduce voters. The Face-to-Faceof TVA gave rise to scathing exchanges and highlighted the differences between the parties. Paradoxically, those who had a more difficult week (Duhaime, Anglade and Nadeau-Dubois) delivered the best performances in the debate. Conversely, a good week for MM. Legault and St-Pierre Plamondon, but the debate did not allow them to shine. Sign that the campaign is entering a new turning point, electoral commitments are relegated to the background while distractions occupy the top of the pavement. Talk to Éric Duhaime who is stuck in the management of his personal finances. 

The good shot of the week 

For their first experience in a debate, Dominique Anglade, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and Éric Duhaime offered a very honorable performance against the all-powerful François Legault, whose party is prancing in the polls. 

The bad hit of the week 

At a time when the QLP is trying to reclaim the theme of the economy, its credibility is being severely tested because of the errors that have crept into its financial framework. A tile that the PLQ did not need. 

  • François Legault(CAQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 20.5/30
  • Dominique Anglade(PLQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 19.5/30
  • Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois(QS): 8/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 22/30
  • Éric Duhaime(PCQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 21/30
  • Paul St-Pierre Plamondon(PQ): 7/10 | Total after 3 weeks: 22/30

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