Quebec 21: Isolated, Éric Ralph Mercier loses his title of leader of the second opposition

Quebec 21: Isolated, Éric Ralph Mercier loses his title as chief of the second opposition


The spring cleaning of the interim head of Quebec 21, Éric Ralph Mercier, turns against him. The two other elected members of the party counter-attacked on Thursday to remove him from his position as leader of the second official opposition at city hall. 

Mr. Mercier, who unsuccessfully tried to eject Jean-François Gosselin from the party, now finds himself isolated in caucus. Not only did Mr. Gosselin decide to stay, but he allied himself with Bianca Dussault, the Val-Bélair district councilor who chose to be “loyal” to the one who recruited her in 2017 and gave her his first chance in politics. 

The two councilors of Québec 21 maneuvered so that Ms. Dussault was appointed in place of Mr. Mercier.  

“We wrote to the city clerk. Bianca Dussault officially becomes the leader of the second opposition group and our spokesperson. From now on, she is the one who will stand up and make a speech” during city council meetings, informed us Mr. Gosselin, who said he had obtained confirmation from the clerk. 

“We are two against one and we designated Bianca. She will do a great job. She will arrive prepared. It will change the other who has trouble reading three words, ”said Mr. Gosselin, who had ceded his seat as chief following his electoral defeat for mayor in November 2021. Thanks to his running mate, he was able to resume his position as councilor in Sainte-Thérèse-de-Lisieux. 

Still leader of the party 

Despite his disappointment at City Hall, Mr. Mercier will nevertheless remain the leader of the party until further notice since his name still appears in the registers of the Chief Electoral Officer. Nothing will prevent him from speaking at Board meetings, but his speaking time will be limited.

He also remains responsible for the formation of the cabinet and the budgets associated with it, we were told, at least until the next general meeting of members this fall. “We wish him the best of luck at the meeting because there aren't many people on his side,” said Mr. Gosselin. 

Mercier slams the door   

Éric Ralph Mercier called Bianca Dussault and Jean-François Gosselin to individual meetings today at the Charlesbourg borough office. However, the two elected officials showed up at the same time and gave him a copy of the letter addressed to the clerk. 

“He didn't want to read the letter…He refused to talk to us and left. He left, slamming the door, ”says Mr. Gosselin, confirming that the bridges seem to be definitely broken. As of this writing, Le Journal had still not been able to reach Mr. Mercier on Thursday. 

Jean-François Gosselin has also corroborated the about the former chief of staff Richard Côté – fired Tuesday by Mr. Mercier – on his lack of attendance at work. 

“Mr. Mercier was not there often. It's not a very big job. When Richard says that he works 10% of the time, I find him generous… It won't bother me either to no longer have to explain everything to him during the consultation (…) He was all mixed up. It was starting to get quite heavy. » 

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