Quebec 21: Patrick Paquet appointed to replace Richard Côté

Quebec 21: Patrick Paquet appointed to replace Richard Côté


Former Quebec City 21 councilor Patrick Paquet has been hired by the party's cabinet as senior special adviser and spokesperson for the second opposition in Quebec City.  

This appointment follows the dismissal of Richard Côté, in the midst of a storm, at the beginning of August by interim chief Éric Ralph Mercier. 

According to the decision-making summary, Mr. Paquet will receive compensation annual base of $123,800 for a schedule of 35 hours per week. His contract will be valid from August 29 to December 31, 2022, i.e. until the end of the City's fiscal year. 

“Any eventual renewal will have to be the subject of a new resolution of the executive committee and a new written contract”, is it specified. 

While he was a councillor, Patrick Paquet received a salary of $72,652, in addition to an allowance of $17,044. 

The former municipal councilor was defeated in the last elections in the Neufchatêl-Lebourgneuf district. 

Internal dispute

The interim leader has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, since he fired Richard Côté because he was “no longer part of the equation” and tried to get rid of councilor Jean-François Gosselin. 

Mr. Mercier had implied that Mr. Côté no longer possessed the qualities he was looking for in a chief of staff. Mr. Côté had replied by depicting his ex-boss as “a ghost chef”, often absent and unprepared. 

However, the former right-hand man of Régis Labeaume already had a long track record in municipal politics before accepting a position in the shadows with Quebec 21, in 2019. 

The one who will replace him had returned to the municipal council during a Quebec 21 by-election. However, he was defeated by a newcomer to politics, Patricia Boudreault-Bruyère, who is teaming up with Marie-Josée Savard. 

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