Quebec: a 3rd APRIL on September 21

Quebec: a 3rd APRIL on September 21


The third Avril branch in the greater Quebec City region will open in a month at Place de la Cité after an investment of $10 million. 

This opening should create 100 new jobs, positions that are not all filled yet. 

The new health supermarket will benefit from a large location on Laurier Boulevard. It will occupy the entire ground floor of the Place de la Cité complex and will be accessible from two separate entrances, those of the exterior and interior parking lots. Major works had been visible for a long time on the front facade, where the National Bank was located. 

An important site 

“It turns out to be a good choice for us. It is a place of choice with a lot of traffic. It will be a little different from the other two and it will be very interesting for customers,” explained co-founder Sylvie Senay. 

After Lévis and Lebourgneuf, this third April in the region is the eleventh in the provinces and the third largest branch of the independent Quebec chain.  

Covering an area of ​​36,000 square feet, the establishment will offer certified organic fruit and vegetable sections, groceries, supplements and cosmetics.  

To meet the needs of shopping center customers, there will also be a food court including specialty counters as well as a dining room and a 190-seat terrace.  

Among its full variety of healthy products, Avril Place de la Cité will offer a variety of ready-to-eat foods. The company still wants to “democratize” the organic concept by remaining competitive. 

A different experience 

Avril was founded in 1995 in Granby by co-owners Sylvie Senay and Rolland Tanguay. The company has a head office in Granby. 

“We continue to develop and build. Conventional supermarkets have created sections of natural products but they are not 100% in this area like us. We want to offer a different shopping experience,” concludes Ms. Senay.