Quebec: a death in an apartment building

Quebec: a death in an apartment building


One person lost his life and two other individuals suffered serious injuries on Tuesday evening in an apartment building in Quebec City. 

Police officers in Quebec should spend a long night clarifying a serious situation that occurred on Chemin Sainte-Foy, near Louis-Fréchette and Saint-Sacrement Hospital, in the district of the same name.  

The SPVQ has still not confirmed the information obtained. We are simply talking about an armed attack for the moment.

The emergency services received a call around 9:10 p.m. A dispute between neighbors could be the reason for the request for help.

A death certificate would have been done at the scene, presumably due to an obvious death. Relatives must be notified. 

A tenant was reportedly seriously injured in the chest and another more lightly in the head. Their lives would not be threatened. A total of three men and a woman are believed to be linked to the altercation.

It is still far too early to determine each person's role in the events. Two men have been arrested but will be questioned first.

Investigators will first have to establish who the potential suspect is. The Major Crimes Unit and Forensic Identification are on the scene.

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