Quebec in the world: Where are our business people?

Quebec in the world: Where are our business people?


Quebec in the world is tourism, good food and culture, of course, but what about Quebec inc. ? However, our business people are very dynamic. Just think of Couche-Tard (Circle K), Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory or even the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec, which is increasing investments around the world.

They are jewels of our region of which we are proud. However, many of our companies are presented as Canadian and non-Quebec companies.

Bombardier has long been presented as a Canadian company and incidentally, it was mentioned that the head office was located in Montreal.

Why, then, is it important to position Quebec or Montreal?

Simple question of critical mass. Presenting Quebec as a business force encourages other companies to invest in us. Consider what we have done with tax credits in the multimedia sector. Every week, specialized magazines explain that a particular game was produced in Montreal. 

We have also made significant efforts to host film productions. It seems that the results have been very positive.

Where are our ambassadors?

However, we need more and better. Companies have an influence on perceptions, but the image of individuals defines the composite portrait of our society.

For 20 years, the list of people who have made Québec shine the most abroad has rarely been made up of business people. The top 5 main ambassadors of Quebec include François Legault, Carey Price, Céline Dion, Guy Laliberté and Jean Charest. Luckily Guy Laliberté went to space.

I admit we don't have a lot of Warren Buffetts around, but politicians come and go. Assuming the role of poster boyof Québec abroad cannot rely solely on our Premier. In the south, Joe Biden is not the face of American economic dynamism.

What to do then? Perhaps this is a shared responsibility between businesses and the Government of Quebec. Putting more emphasis on our Quebec talents, which shine elsewhere in the foreign press, could have a ripple effect. Making them known, highlighting their successes and affirming our pride that they are Quebecers could have a very positive impact. Making them better known here too could be a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs.

The impact here

If Quebec inc. offers not only dynamic but more imposing image in the foreign press, maybe it will encourage more companies from other countries to settle in our country or use our companies.

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Source of interest in Quebec

  • Newspapers and web (21 countries identified)
  • Period from October 14 to 20, 2022
  • Keywords: Montreal and Quebec in all languages ​​that use our alphabet.

1. United States 32.79%

2. Spain 11.48%

3. France 9.84%

4. United Kingdom 8.20%

5. Germany 4.92%