Quebec-Lévis ferry: a mechanical breakdown forces the NM Alphonse-Desjardins to stop

Quebec-L&vis; t of the MV Alphonse-Desjardins


The Quebec-Lévis ferry is once again experiencing difficulties, a mechanical breakdown forces one of the two ferries to stop. The MV Alphonse Desjardins has had to cease operations for an indefinite period. 

The AML Levant has been called in as reinforcements, but this vessel allows pedestrian passage only.


In addition to this reduction in services on the side of the crossing, there is a lot of slowdown on the side of the bridges in the region with the work which are in progress on the Henri IV highway.

A ramp located near the CN yard between Champlain Boulevard and the Henri-IV highway is closed. It allows motorists traveling westbound on Champlain to access the Pierre-Laporte Bridge.

“There is a detour and the police presence is also there to lend a hand and ensure the fluidity of traffic,” summarizes the spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport, Émilie Lord.