Quebec must pay all of its municipal taxes, pleads Anglade

Quebec must pay all of its municipal taxes, pleads Anglade


The Liberal Party of Quebec promises to pay all the municipal taxes for its buildings in order to improve the revenues of the cities. 

Dominique Anglade is committed to change tax rules to help municipalities obtain additional revenue. 

Due to certain exemptions, the government does not pay all of its property taxes on buildings it owns , such as schools or administrative offices. 

“A Liberal government will ensure that Quebec pays all of its municipal taxes, which is not currently the case”, underlines the PLQ in its press release this morning.  

How to finance these new expenditures is not, however, included in the party's financial framework. 

Review the taxation 

The formation also undertakes to review the municipal taxation system in a first mandate. The main source of revenue for cities is the property tax. 

For several months, municipalities have been calling for change in Quebec in order to be able to vary their sources of revenue, because of their expenses and responsibilities which do not stop growing.  

Recently, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, demanded that a QST point be redistributed to the municipalities.  

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