Quebec programming: 4 appointments at the Quebec City Film Festival

Quebec programming: 4 appointments at the Festival de cinema de la city ​​of Quebec


After a one-year hiatus, the Quebec City Film Festival is back with the capital's moviegoers, starting Thursday evening, in a reduced formula centered around a 100 % Quebec. Dozens of films and meetings with artisans of the seventh art are on the agenda. Here are four must-sees.


September 8, 8 p.m., Théâtre Le Diamant< /strong>

The red carpet for the opening night of the FCVQ will be rolled out under the feet of the team of Guillaume Lambert's second feature film. The plot revolves around three brothers, forced to reconnect after the unexpected death of their father. Comedian François Pérusse makes his big screen debut in this comedy which also stars Éric Bernier, Guy Jodoin, Véronic Dicaire, Katherine Levac and Marcel Sabourin.

The 12 Labors d'Imelda

September 9, 8 p.m., Théâtre Le Diamant

Ten years after presenting his first work, the science fiction film March and April, Martin Villeneuve is inspired by his late centenarian grandmother in this feature film which puts on screen Robert Lepage, Michel Barrette, Ginette Reno, Antoine Bertrand, Anne-Marie Cadieux and Yves Jacques.

Meeting with Marie Brassard

September 9, 2:30 p.m., Theater Le Diamant

During her rich career as an actress, author and director, Marie Brassard has worked with the greatest here and her creations have traveled all over the world. the world. She will surely have a lot to tell. A talk not to be missed.

Snow Angel

September 10, 8 p.m., Théâtre Le Diamant< /strong>

Shot in English in Gaspésie, Gabriel Allard's first feature film follows the descent into hell of a former professional snowboarder who was embroiled in a traffic tragedy involving alcohol driving. Catherine Bérubé plays the main role alongside Paul Doucet.