Quebec Santa Claus charged with sexual assault

Quebec City Santa Claus charged with sexual assault


A 71-year-old man who played Santa Claus in the Petit Champlain neighborhood of Quebec is facing a series of charges in connection with the sexual assault of several women. 

If we are to believe the accusations against him, Réjean Bacon hides under his air of nice Santa Claus, a very different face. The man who says he played the role of St-Nicolas in the Petit Champlain district for more than 40 years faces nine charges of sex and drugs. 

Between January 1, 2015 and June 2021, Bacon allegedly assaulted two victims who were 25 and 18 years old at the start of the incident. Moreover, a general charge of having “sexually assaulted several female persons” was also filed against Réjean Bacon.  

Two other counts of voyeurism against the two victims identified above were also deposed because Santa Claus allegedly made video recordings of them.  

Drug trafficking

In addition to the charges of a sexual nature, three counts of drug trafficking and possession of Oxycodone and GHB. The drugs were reportedly seized during a search that took place on May 26.  

Meanwhile, a charge of breach of promise has been added against Bacon since the latter allegedly tried to communicate with one of the victims after the search, in August. 

Father Noël showed up at the courthouse last week because SPVQ investigators were asking for an extension of time to analyze the items searched. The charges were officially filed on Wednesday afternoon.  

Driven out of Petit Champlain

In October 2021, Santa Claus had made people talk of him since his contract as Santa Claus of the Petit Champlain district had not been renewed, he who had been St-Nicolas for 41 years.  

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