Québec solidaire: a plan to regionalize immigration

Québec solidaire: a plan to regionalize immigration


SAGUENAY | The Québec solidaire en immigration plan plans to grant “as a priority” permanent status to temporary immigrants already settled outside major urban centers, in order to increase the number of newcomers welcomed each year by up to 60%.

The party wants to “create a fast track” for temporary workers already settled in Quebec to fill labor needs. 

“In our system, we will give priority to immigrants who already have regional experience. There are plenty of temporary workers who already live in our regions who want to settle down for good, but right now it's too complicated,” explained QS spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau- Dubois.

This expedited process will allow companies to retain their employees, while preventing immigration candidates from “being stuck with a ton of paperwork,” says Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. 

The Journal reported last June that 177,000 temporary immigrants are currently in Quebec. 

Increased thresholds

QS also promises to increase the number of permanent immigrants received annually between 60,000 and 80,000, against a current target of 50,000. A committee of experts, made up of demographers and economists, would be responsible for deciding the precise figure within this range.

However, regardless of the conclusions of the committee of experts, there is no question of exceeding the ceiling of 80,000 newcomers, assures Mr. Nadeau-Dubois. The QS spokesperson says this target was established based on available studies by demographers and economists. 

Culture Notes

To help new citizens integrate, QS would create Carrefours d'accueil en immigration in each region of Quebec, a model reminiscent of the Centers d'orientation et de formation des immigrants (COFI), abolished by the Parti government Quebec in the year 2000. 

QS also intends to grant a “Billet culture” of $200 to all newcomers to allow them to visit a museum, go to the theater or see the show of a Quebec artist.

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