Quebec television: here are 14 characters to watch

Quebec television: here are 14 characters to watch


It's been two or three weeks since the fall program started. We had time to find our series or discover the novelties of the season. We also had the opportunity to see some twisted characters, others who walk on a tightrope, or who are ready to do anything to achieve their ends. Here are a few. 

1) Dominique 

Marie-France Marcotte in Before the crash 

A lawyer specializing in corporate restructuring, Dominique has just been appointed partner at Olstrom. Her stern tone and impassive air suggest that she does not intend to laugh or give anyone a chance. She is also not in solidarity with Evelyne who returns to the office as her equal. By advancing money to Marc-André, she lets us believe that she can better put it in her hands. In short, a strong woman who seems to have secret motives. 

2) Jacob

Mathéo Piccinin Savard in L'Echappée 

There are beautiful cases in Sainte-Alice. A newcomer to the series, Jacob has an explosive temper. Intimidated, introverted, he comes from a disadvantaged and wobbly background. He finds his satisfaction by offering likesand money to a malicious influencer. To repay his debts, he hatches crooked deals whose clues reveal themselves little by little and not without pain. His mother does not want him to be placed, but he could still be the next resident of the youth center. 

3) Manuel

Frédéric Millaire Zouvi in ​​Alerts 

A false end and a false naive. The underrated suburban policeman who wanted to make his mark on the Squad showed us a very bad side of him. Last season, doubt hovered over his innocence more than once in a story about which they knew too many details. In the end, we made him a place in the team. As soon as he arrived, he raped the one who had always supported him, Lily-Rose. And he has the nerve to think it was consenting. 

4) Dr Martin Charbonneau< /h3>

Christian Bégin in Indefensible 

The psychiatrist is not clear. It's clear. It is known that in his personal life he accumulates mistresses. On a professional level, he visibly plays in the heads of his patients. It is surely not for nothing that the Poirier brothers landed at his house armed. And he is not completely innocent in the murder that took place in his home. And the more we question his way of doing things, the more he jumps the lead. 

5) Delphine 

Virginie Ranger -Beauregard in Stat 

She is proof that even the best specialists also have their vulnerabilities. She is a social worker and worries about the fate of others. She is a woman of convictions. She is in a relationship with Philippe, the psychiatrist of the department. Their age difference and the bond he has with the rest of the team often drives a wedge between them. But above all, she hides an underestimated and untreated eating disorder that is causing her to lose her footing.  

6) Jules

Alexis Martin in Cerebrum 

Former patient of Dr. Lacombe, Jules Côté is a colorful being with a tottering mental balance who struggling to take charge of his life. In this second season, someone is playing inside his head. Hard to say if he will make the right choices. 

7) Sandrick

Lévi Doré in Sweetheart 

The teenager had an ambiguous relationship with his teacher from the first sight. Even if he says he never liked Chanelle. Aware of his power of attraction, he interfered in his family while his is dysfunctional. If he is the guardian of his own mother, he has become the lover of a woman of quiet happiness. A relationship as disturbing as it is intriguing. 

8) Catherine

Céline Bonnier in A criminal case 

A mother never abandons her child. Catherine has survived for fifteen years by redoing all the scenarios in her head to clear her son, who is languishing in prison for a crime he did not commit. It is fragile. His mental health took a hit. And she is almost alone in her fight. Many believe her mad. But she does not lose heart so that her son still keeps a minimum of hope. 

9) Guillaume

Emmanuel Schwartz in Hotel 

The first episode reveals an arrogant man, full of himself and who lives off the generous hooks of his mother. Guillaume Dumont believes that everything is due to him. While his twin sister who ran the chic family hotel has died, he takes it for granted that the job is his. His presence is already creating a lot of tension in the institution. It is through him that the bickering seems to happen. 

10) Elie Chapados

Roger Léger in The Honorable 

The Dessureaux have clearly gotten their foot in the gears. On their way, Elie Chapados, a powerful drug trafficker who ended up in prison at the same time as Ludovick. He planned his kidnapping and keeping him captive. Elie does not intend to laugh. His techniques to achieve his ends do not seem orthodox and a salty ransom will undoubtedly be necessary. In short, Ludovick is not out of the woods. 

11 and 12) Marie-Jeanne and Fred

Catherine Renaud and Maxime Gaudette in 5e rang 

Marie-Jeanne tends to get herself into trouble. And she chooses her allies badly. Inhabited by a desire for revenge after the death of her unborn baby, she not only has the police on her back, but also the criminals with whom she associates.

Fred, who has always been upright and who believes in justice, has just taken a step in the other direction by serving as an alibi for Marie-Jeanne, his ex, suspected of murder. Has the idea of ​​having almost been a father just made him fall into the forces of evil? 

13 and 14) Huguette and Marie-Josée< /h3> Huguette (Marilyn Castonguay)

Marilyn Castonguay and Sophie Desmarais in That's how I love you 

It's 1975. The year of the woman. That summer, our suburban criminals returned to service. Huguette has gained confidence. She gave birth. She now leads a women's liberation movement while being a criminal who greatly disturbs her rivals in Montreal. But the eye of the tiger is now the eye of the devil. 

Marie-Josée (Sophie Desmarais)

Marie-Josée, her protege, takes her feminist mission very seriously. Her usual intensity makes her someone to be wary of in this new season. She cultivates a disturbing demonic side.